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My 67 800

DC67 800

Got the doors all cleaned up and ready to reinstall the windows. Used Por 15 inside the doors, then sprayed over that with some Eastwood internal frame coating to reach areas I couldn't with a paint brush. The Eastwood internal frame coating came with a tube nozzle that sprays 360 deg. Works great for places that can't be reached.




Here is a couple of pics of the gauges. Finally have them all working correctly. They have built in turn signal and hi beam indicators. I had initially bought a set of off ebay that was refurbished but still came with a lifetime warranty. I was having issues with the fuel gauge so after some trouble shooting and communication with Intellitronix they had me send them in for testing. Two weeks later I had them back. When I opened the box I was looking at a brand new set of gauges. I was just expecting a repair so it was pretty surprising to see the new unit. Intellitronix definitely stands behind their products and they are also made in the USA.


DC67 800

I have been messing with the brakes for a while now. The Cadillac Eldorado rear calipers are a pain to adjust but I finally have them to where I can live with them.The parking brake is operational but not as strong as I would like. They are a pain to bleed as you have to get the bleeder screw parallel to the ground to do it correctly, this means removing the rear wheels and the top caliper bolt to rotate them back. Part of the problem is the Lokar park brake lever not having enough travel.I may work on some kind of mechanical lever to give it more throw.

I have had a spongy low pedal since the beginning. bled the brakes a couple times and could not get them to work better. Took a lot of force to apply the brakes. Thought about several options which included going to a dual diaphragm booster. My engine idles with about 14" of vacuum. I looked at vacuum brake bleeders but everyone I know that has used the inexpensive ones say they don't work. after searching around I found this on Amazon:
Pneumatic brake bleeder. Hanperal Auto Car Brake Fluid Replacement Tool /Brake Fluid Drained Bleeder tool Equipment Kit
For $28 dollars I thought I would give it a try. The directions are garbage, they couldn't even get the English correct but it is pretty self explanatory. Well I bled my brakes today then went out for a test drive. Huge difference. My brakes work like they should. My boys went with me and they could feel the difference in stopping power. This tool definitely works, turned the bleeding into a job I could do by myself.
Nice to have good brakes.

DC67 800

So, I got my windows all rebuilt. Bought all the parts from IHPA. They now roll up and down pretty smooth for their 50 year age. After I installed my roll cage the interior door handles were right up against the pillar to the floor. Re positioning them didn't really work as they had to be rotated 90 or 180* so they either would hit the window crank or be close to the cage again. I didn't want to cut them and my window cranks were not in great shape anyway. So I found some universal aluminum window cranks. They didn't have any door handles so I bought 2 pairs of window cranks and removed the crank knob to use them as door handles. I knew they were made in China and they weren't that expensive so if they didn't work I would not be out that much coin. Out of the box they weren't that great but with a little work they can be made to handle regular use.

Since they are universal they come with several adapters and set screws. the adapters only had 1 set screw to hold them on, so I drilled and tapped them so each one now has 3 set screws.IMG_20170901_195133.jpg

3 set screws for each adapter.

The cranks had 2 set screws so I drilled and tapped them so they each have 3 set screws. They work pretty good now. After I am done I think a little blue lock tite will keep everything in place.
The shorter handle length give room for everything to work properly. There is now room between the cage and the door handle.

DC67 800

It's been some time since I've been around. Haven't done much to the Scout in a while. I did add an EFI system a while back and I will get updated here soon.

Back in November I was taking my boys to school when someone made a left turn in front of me on the highway totaling my truck. My boys were both unharmed however I received a broken arm and finger. All healed from my injuries but still dealing with medical bills and insurance companies.

Hope to have the Scout at the Sierra Fall Rally again.


DC67 800

Yikes! :yikes: Glad your kids were ok and that you were ultimately fixable. That was a hard hit.
Thanks Robert,
It was a hard hit against another full size truck. My 9 year old was afraid to go through the intersection where it happened for a couple months after.

I bought that truck new in 2007 and it had 100k miles on it when we were hit, nowhere near worn out. Disappointing but luckily we all came through all right.