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    Jeff Ismail

Limited disassembly of a 1980 IC 196

Shifting gears a little bit here...on a related matter, I'm working with a member of the bp board to make a mock up of the 3-bolt manifold and wedge so that he can fab a tubular header with a flange that will emulate the oem setup "in space" so that he can mount the 152t iron elbow, turbo, and intake elbow (carb adaptor). I have the wooden buck almost done - I'm no woodworker or pattern maker! - but am confident I will pull this off. The thorny issue is how to actually mount the elbow on the new header. The original, special metal donut is unobtanium but I have a chipped and cracked one that's allowed me to get the dimensions. From the pics you can see that it is symmetrical (either side can mount up or down), about a 2.1" bore, 2.640" od, 45 degree bevels, and 0.093" band between the two bevels. A while back at IHPA, they had an odd metal donut hanging on the rack. While not the same part, it had the same bore, general shape, and enough meat to machine down to produce at least the "upside" bevel. So I'm machining this thing to give an upside bevel and machine the down side for a shoulder. I'm recommending that the member have a matching bore in the outlet bore. This metal donut is fairly hard and has already dulled my cutter. Wonder what metal they cast these things from...




It's been a while since I've added any new information, mostly because of the never ending rain and cold weather here in the sierra foothills, and I don't have a suitable man-cave. The Scout is outside, uncovered. Attached is a picture of the wooden buck I put together for another member who is going to have an exhaust manifold fabbed using the orientations of the original 152t wedge and upturned 3-bolt manifold. He has the original iron elbow, turbo, and carb adaptor. You can see how I used threaded rod to key off the original end bolt holes. Crummy as this thing looks, the "orthogonality" of the various planes is within probably 1 or 2 mm, which ain't bad! I really want to see this guy succeed with his plan.

Asking again: a few posts back I asked about spark plugs. I cannot find the next colder plug in the original champion (whatever it is I posted), since they are obsolete. So if an autolite 85 is the equivalent of what I'm running, is an autolite 84 the next colder, or what? Open to sound opinions here. I gotta say, pulling plugs on this setup is a super pain. I want to have a good handle on a replacement before diving in.IMG_2069.jpg

Robert Kenney

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Asking again: a few posts back I asked about spark plugs. I cannot find the next colder plug in the original champion (whatever it is I posted), since they are obsolete. So if an autolite 85 is the equivalent of what I'm running, is an autolite 84 the next colder, or what? Open to sound opinions here. I gotta say, pulling plugs on this setup is a super pain. I want to have a good handle on a replacement before diving in.View attachment 30471
I can't tell you any definitive information regarding whether or not any particular plug/ heat range is safe. You can try and contact the plug manufacturer for a relative range replacement hotter or colder.

I can only say that you need to pick a plug that is available and using responsible tuning, incrementally stretch the parameters, coupled with plug checks, till you reach the desired tune up.
Run the best fuel available.

Excessive plug heat will erode the plug electrodes only, and or cause the early onset of pre-ignition. Time at load will make the problem worse depending on the cylinder head's ability to keep up with the heat load.
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I haven't posted in a while. I am nearing retirement and at a point in my life where my priorities have suddenly shifted, so regretfully I need to go in a different direction with my project Scout if I am to even keep it. I'm putting it back to stock and focusing on other things.

I have removed the turbo parts and have found a buyer who will use them in a restoration project for their 1965 Champagne, which originally came with the 152T option. So the pieces are all going to a good home where they will return to their natural habitat.

Thanks to all for your interest and encouragement along the way, especially to Robert for his insight and help!

Robert Kenney

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Hey Mark, sorry to hear you have to give up finishing your project. I know that life changes come with reorganization of priorities.
I hope you keep your Scout and will still come and visit us.
Thanks, Robert. I'm not going away, but must re-order certain things.

I still want to pick your brain when the need arises!


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Hey Mark, I've been living vicariously through your project, you can't stop.;-) In fact there is an 800 with a pickup top right down the road from me I've been keeping an eye on.

Anyway congratulations on your retirement. May you retire early and often and may you enjoy good health and prosperity.
I am back! Last Friday I finally retired from state service, and the following morning began the three day drive to my new digs outside of Houston, Texas. I have a monumental task ahead of me with getting settled and all that, and establishing my man cave, which will be one-half of a large garage. Wifie gets the other half as a studio. Happy wife, happy wife, as we all know. Will beat having trying to do anything under one of those outdoor 10x20' canopies!

I am beginning to make contacts with the local Scout group, and hope to resume my Scout project fairly soon. Robert - looks like the turbo project will advance again! So much to do!
Yes, good to see you back here.
I didn't realize how complicated retirement could be! Been hemorrhaging $$$ on getting my house livable, getting a son into a house, helping a daughter with needed repairs on hers, etc., etc. Actually drove the Scout today, using it to ferry 2x6s, plywood, and pegboard from Home Depot (I live in a rural area and the closest anything is 12 miles away) to build a workbench - the first opportunity I have had to do anything for myself since I got here end of June. Still looking for my tools, and need to get an electrician out here to run 100 amp service and 220V, to the garage that will be my man cave. Gotta have it to run my big compressor. Then I will revive the conversation as to how to proceed with the turbo project.


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I always say, You should retire early and retire often. Because you can find so many interesting things to do when you have the time. I am in the midst of starting a new company https://winecountry-bbq.com to make wine infused oak bbq pellets. Good to hear you are relaxing and enjoying your new life. ;-)
Exactly. Getting the new infrastructure in place is key. Also recognizing that just sitting around is a slow-mo death spiral. Applying for substitute teaching job at the local school, also potential to work remotely, part time, from my old job. It is raining today, a desperately needed break from the unrelenting summer heat, and a chance to put together a work bench.