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    Jeff Ismail

1964 Travelall and 1967 Travelette All Wheel Drive's

Robert Kenney

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My D1200 has the closed knuckle.

I actually prefer them to the closed knuckle. Simple is never a bad thing.
I am cornfused now. :crazy::lol:

You prefer the newer open knuckle to the closed one? I suppose the open is a more simple approach but...... properly maintained and sealed, they are water proof. Not that I would test that statement but the military liked the design enough to keep it past 69.

The good on my T-ette is that I have the boosted dual 7/8 master. Worst case I move up to 1" if necessary.
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I don't know what I was saying above. It must have been late or I had a brain fart.

What I meant to say is I like the closed knuckle. Both for the simplicity of design and the fact it keeps things sealed up.
There is a 67 1100 selling for $750 obo in Atwater CA on craigslist with the buckets/console. The seller says he has a lower offer from earlier in the week but wants it gone this weekend. If you're interested his name is Kevin at 415-663-9210.

Robert Kenney

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Got the calipers, and all mock ups look like the brakes are a go. I ordered the rotors and other critical pieces. I have some hub updates to make, then fab up the caliper brackets. Baring an unintended oversight, the T-ette will have properly sized disk brakes up front soon. It has to be soon because I need the truck for a few projects. Oh and I am documenting the build with many well focused photos.

Robert Kenney

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First look. No secrets here. Off the shelf parts but not so off the shelf touches.
Now to build the caliper brackets.
Stay tuned




I will show the finished product, but from a liability standpoint and due to the fact that execution is the most critical part, I won't give a step by step detailed build. If you choose to build your own set, you will have to engineer the details, and you do so and accept the consequences of what comes from it. Brakes are not something to be taken lightly, failure can be deadly.


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Looks like that setup will weigh half of what the drums did. Those suckers are heavy. Now you'll need to add shoulder straps to the seat belts to keep your head off the windshield. ;-]

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Chappy, I just want good brakes that parts can be sourced for. Tow a trailer safely from point A to Point B.

A quick edit to my prior post, I preface what I wrote with "At This Time".

I will beat on this one off collection of parts and machine work till I'm satisfied that it is bullet proof, and then I will post more detail. The last thing I want to do it provoke some one to build this when any of it is of unknown or untested condition, where they find the flaw. :nono::mad2::cryin::crazy::frown2::mad5:

I'm confident that I have taken all of the proper precautions in the application. Lets get it build and then see what we might need to improve.

I doubt I will ever produce these for sale. Jeff may be able to talk me into it but as of yet......

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Might have just been easier to put Burb axles under it.
Of course it is easier. :confused5:
Some do things because they are easy, while I head towards the challenge, the road less traveled. The journey is what makes us better, stronger, and more experienced individuals.

I have a fairly rare IH that is 99 % +/- a bit original IH. It drives great, runs great hauls great, even with the non lock ring wheels it will look original, and I've put a lot of effort and money into it to keep it that way. While this brake mod may look expensive, it is way cheaper for me to do then the other easy way and I'm enjoying it so. :icon_blaugh::prrr:
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I would really like to change my front drums to discs yet still keep my original IH axle and wheels the same as your doing but I'd have to have someone do it for me. $$$ Currently when you have to do a sudden stop at high speeds in these Travelettes it can be a little scary.