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1964 Travelall and 1967 Travelette All Wheel Drive's

Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
So I think I have begun collecting IH's beyond my 1965 Scout.
I just picked up 2 internationals in a package deal.

I was told they both run and drive well as of one year ago.

1) 1964 Travelall 1100 4x4 304 4 speed. All original. Will need a left side rear quarter panel if any body has one.. :smilewinkgrin: damage around the tail light
2) 1967 travelette 1200 4 door, with the factory installed utility bed, 4x4 engine ??? Trans (3 speed) ??? All original. I don't know what engine or trans is in it as I bought them with only limited viewing and discussion..

What engines were availible in the 1200 travelette? Were the 6's in those? If so which one..

I planning to sell my 08 f350 diesel and drive the one as my hauling rig..


Administrator & Owner
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This thread is worthless without pics. Lets see them!:dita:

hope you were able to buy the pair in the price range that we discussed.

Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
this thread is worthless without pics. Lets see them!:dita:

hope you were able to buy the pair in the price range that we discussed.
We agreed on less than the number we taked about. Actually the guy had the number in mind before me... :icon_mrgreen:
the pix are compliments of google's street views.

We were ther to pick up an old front engine dragster chassis and I saw these. I didn't think to get picutres.
He wanted to sell the t-all but I had more interest in the t-ette. I thought I could get a good deal if I bought both and I was right. The family just wanted them gone. The price is fair for both sides. I have room to get them both back into good condition. Them I'll have to decide what to do....



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jeff campbell

Active member
Here's what I've got Robert,small crease from the bumper being hit,and another small dent. Wheel well not the greastest..top is solid,door jamb also. I can also send these to your email if desired, Jeff

66 T'all rear  quarter an t-gate 001.jpg

66 T'all rear  quarter an t-gate 002.jpg

66 T'all rear  quarter an t-gate 003.jpg

66 T'all rear  quarter an t-gate 004.jpg

66 T'all rear  quarter an t-gate 005.jpg

66 T'all rear  quarter an t-gate 006.jpg

66 T'all rear  quarter an t-gate 007.jpg

66 T'all rear  quarter an t-gate 008.jpg

66 T'all rear  quarter an t-gate 009.jpg

66 T'all rear  quarter an t-gate 010.jpg
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Sheeyit!!! That t-ette is prolly a Dad-burnt campermobeel and ya fetched yerseff a raht purdy home on wheels ta boot! Ya dun guud!

Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
sheeyit!!! That t-ette is prolly a Dad-burnt campermobeel and ya fetched yerseff a raht purdy home on wheels ta boot! Ya dun guud!
I'm thinking the odd way its been speced that is has the 304 in it and other upgrades... It does shoor fit a campermobeel mold. Hope the LST survived. Will have to wait and see... I have no use for the camper that lives on the backend. Unless it is some rare piece it's going on the block... :(

jeff campbell

Active member
For what Mark ? T'all door window or side window ? I have a complete set of door window's outa t'lette, same as t' all. Jeff
Oh, just following threads about the scarcity of that curved side glass for the rear of those travelalls. Some local kids (mid-20s to me are kids) bought a derelict '66 model 900 pickup and are converting it into a street rod, of all things (and I think they're doing a good job of it too! It's out for paint right now). They were griping about how expensive the new windshield was for that thing (something like $1500 list, although they claimed they got a big discount on it, or so the story goes). Anyway, just curious. Love the styling of the c series.

Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
Yeah, gotta wonder how to ship a big piece of glass like that... Glad the quarterpanel damage didn't hurt the glass.....

The t-ette would look good with the pu bed on it and 33's... No more lift and shined up good.. Both are original paint and nice cabs inside. All 100% there which really rocks not having to hunt down parts... Eventhough I have connections :icon_mrgreen: it still takes $$$

Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
Picking these up Saturday. I'm really excited to look them over close and see what options they had...

Anybody want a slide in camper? Looks like it could be close to the same vintage as the truck... If you come get it from brackett airport you can have it.... :)


Soo far away otherwise id love a camper like that:( haha always my luck when it comes to that, iv been dieing to get my hands on one two:( there is no way I could make it up that way till spring bummer lol nice finds by the way!!:smile5:

Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
They are home safe and as sound as they can be... A couple of pictures compliments of tim potter who was kind enough to ride along and help...
This thing is friggin beautiful inside. Seats, door panels, dash etc. Like a time capsule I'll get some pix to day. Body is straight other than a couple dings.

So far the t-ette has from the factory:
custom interior trim kit
IH air conditioning (nice bright IH logo on it)
hd 44 front axle (large ball 12 bolt)
5 speed
power brakes
power steering
dual tanks

pretty sure the bed in not oem but I'm not sure. Only a 82.5 inch was available from the documentation..

I'll get the vin and see if a LST is availible...

T-all is original for the most part. Some added gauges. Interior is showing its age.
It has dual tanks, 304, 4 speed. Fairly basic on the options list but other than the rear quarter, straight. The quarter damage is isolated to the corner. I see no evidance that is propigated to the door piller or roof.

P7130007 (Medium).JPG

P7130012 (Medium).JPG

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Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
Cleaned out a bunch of crap. About 4 new sets of spark plugs, more than 10 new oil filters. 10 new 13" wiper's with arm. And a couple of wrenches.

The truck is a bit of an enigma. The wheel base is 165" as best as I could measure with a tape by myself... Odd thing is that the id plate says 140'''' the bed is 8ft which was not an option on the 1200 other than a campermobile from what I have read.. It has no emblems or holes on the outside of the hood to indicate that it was a cm though.
I dont think the bed is a factory deal. Looks like an after thought although a very nice instalation. The seats May be factory judging by the pattern but the green is odd with the champagne door panels and other trim. Other than that all looks oem.

I will order a LST and see what it says.. I will need a correct long pickup bed so if anybody runs across one or has one I'm in.
Photos as promised.

P1010776 (Medium).JPG

P1010778 (Medium).JPG

P1010782 (Medium).JPG

P1010783 (Medium).JPG

P1010785 (Medium).JPG

P1010789 (Medium).JPG

P1010791 (Medium).JPG
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Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
Changed the oil and filter, yanked the dizzy and primed it for about 5 minutes... Not I didn't rotate it or verify oil to the top end... :devil: restab and advance it a couple of degrees by eye..

Squirted for fuel in the carb and cranked it up it fired immediatly. Ran it at 1500 for about 2 minutes to get oil around good. Had a very slight tick but a few minutes later it sounded like the video attached. Yes really that quiet... Not a sound..

I ran it for about 15 minutes. Drove it back and forth to see that the clutch was ok.. Its a gem... Ac compressor even engaged and the fan blew strong...

1968 travelette first run since parked years ago, - youtube
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Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
Got the line setting ticket..
Odd that I see no mention of the rear bed. Was this truck delivered bare backed like with no bed?
Also I know for a fact that the front axle is the hd large closed knuckle fa 18 yet the LST says fa-16 and the vin tag shows only 7000 gvw yet with the fa-18 it should be 7400..

See what you can make of it...



Daggum! Even the swiss watches in switzeeland is jealous of that preesijun time piece! I have no id 'bout your other 'kwipment kwerries.

Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
If I read the ticky right it came with bucket seats and a console??? Ain't got that now... Its about 3/4 down the list..
Oh and my fault that I wrote that it was a 67. I knew better that it was likely a 68 with the headlight trim it has...


I believe the truck would have been ordered with no bed. Then shipped to a company to install the utility bed. Stahl was a popular contractor and I believe did the conversions on the medium series loadstar. I May be totally off my rocker too. It happens. Too much liquid courage :crazy: makes the night go faster.

Good lookin rigs Robert. Feel free to sell them to me any time. I'll be happy to relieve you of such a burdon