1964 Travelall and 1967 Travelette All Wheel Drive's


Of course it is easier. :confused5:
Some do things because they are easy, while I head towards the challenge, the road less traveled. The journey is what makes up better, stronger, and more experienced individuals.

I have a fairly rare IH that is 99 % +/- a bit original IH. It drives great, runs great hauls great, even with the non lock ring wheels it will look original, and I've put a lot of effort and money into it to keep it that way. While this brake mod may look expensive, it is way cheaper for me to do then the other easy way and I'm enjoying it so. :icon_blaugh::prrr:
I understand original and keeping it IH, I was just sayin! :icon_up:


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I doubt I will ever produce these for sale. Jeff may be able to talk me into it but as of yet......
We get alot of calls for a disc brake kit for the 6 lug axles. Next time I chat with you Robert we can discuss what it would take to possibly offer this as a kit in the future.

Robert Kenney

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Brackets are fabed and welded, test fitted, and I'm happy. The caliper alignment is spot on.
Final assembly and road test over the holidays.



Robert hopefully this is very successful and you can get together with IHPA in Grass Valley for production because i would like to have this done on my 66 Travelette. Do you happen to have any of the stock hubcaps with the hub holes for sale? I'm still searching for a good pair.

Robert Kenney

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I too hope it is successful. :icon_eek:

As for the large opening hubcaps that fit out wheels, I have personally never run across any with a front hub opening. They have all been closed. I have several sets of those from NOS to rough. I plan on modifying a pair for my truck.


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It's a bit late to ask at this point, but it would be interesting to document the change in stopping distance gained by going to disc's.

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I suspect that because I was able to lock the fronts up with the drums, the improvement will be both ease of stopping, and drivability.
Panic stopping was a come to Jesus moment.:icon_xd: :icon_sweatdrop:
two of my hubcaps were nice and had them re-chromed but the other two are pretty beat up and had my electrician punch a 4" hole in them and put those two on the front to access my hubs. If you have two nice ones you would be willing to sell please let me know thanks.

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Update. Spent the valuable brake vacation time on my back with some offensive virus. Made little progress on the brakes on.

Now I have both sides done and assembled. Everything looks like a go. It will come apart tomorrow, and receive paint and final mechanical assembly. Some pix. Because it is worthless without them. ��


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Robert Kenney

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It's a done deal! Stops very nice. I am very pleased with this out come. :thumbsup:
I'm still bedding the pads in but have made full effort stops from low 15 mph up to 65. The higher speed tests were not to a complete stop but several were hands off the wheel and it tracked straight. Tomorrow I'll take the T-ette up the local mountain road and through some heat at them.
Since this was not part of a restoration attempt, the factory crud stayed in the OEM locations. it will all get removed on my next pass. Oh and the drip of fluid on the caliper was from bleeding, and me being sloppy. :nono:





Wow, that looks really GREAT!

I wouldn't mind having a set to update my D1200 T-all!

Unfortunately, unless you were paying me to do some beta testing I can't afford any sort of bling like that any time soon.


Why not try doing a disc brake swap for the rear as well?

It couldn't cost that much more than finding NOS brake drums or putting in a sleeve in your current drums.

Robert Kenney

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So I'm working on replacing the rear drums with a common available drum. All looks good accept for sourcing more RH thd lug nuts as I will be replacing the wheel studs. The left side are left hand thread from the factory.

My problem is the lug nut seat angle currently on the truck at all 4 corners. My lug nuts measure 108 degrees. WTF :out: I included a drawing of mine and the common available ones. Is this normal for the big 6 International's? Everything available as far back as I can find would use 90 degree seats. I hope they are not modified. It is hard to tell from the wheel, what they are.