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72 Ole Yeller


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Last couple weeks, I managed to do some work on Ole Yeller. Two weeks ago I replaced all 6 bearings, along with new seals and thicker axle shaft mounting plates, for the rear axle. After crunching the numbers stamped on the ring & pinion gears, I have 3.54 gears in the rear. Also realized that I have what appears to be a trash crack lock that is falling apart. Pieces of metal chunks, that hold the clutch pack, was falling out. Not to worried about it just yet, because with my spare rear D-44 housing, I am in the process of building it with an ARB and 4.10 gears.

11 months after I completed the Shackle reversal kit install, I finally ordered and installed a new front drive shaft last weekend. Turns out that my front axle has more issues than I expected. With my twin sticked transfer case, I shifted into front drive only and went no where. From what I can tell, the left, drivers side, locking hub was not engaging. Sigh, guess that going wheeling is on hold until I get to rebuilding the front axle too


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Christmas came a few days early. Got myself a new air compressor, and a few other parts for my scout.

Spent a few days this past week installing it. Mounted the air manifold and hooked up the wiring.

Then I temporarily hooked up my old 2.5 gallon air tank to test the system. Plus, I needed to use it briefly.

I have two identical air tanks. And they both will be mounted under the rear bed, directly under the rear bench seat. Already drilled the holes. Just need to go get new stainless bolts and a second pair of hands to mount them under the bed, while I get someone to help screw in the bolts


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My current project for Ole Yeller, is building up a pair of dana 44 axles. Both with ARB's and 4.11 gears. Since I had the spare front housing, and I did not want to do things twice, I had the C's cut-n-turned. I don't have the space, or the electrical requirements to do it myself, I ended up contracting IH Parts America to do it for me. Thank you Darren.

I will post up a few more photos within the next couple of weeks. My full time job is getting in the way


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The rear axle is 80-90% complete. Was hoping to get the new brake shoes installed. But they didn't come with the E-brake lever to hook up the new E-brake cable. Speaking of which, the backing plates were so crusty and caked with rust, that I ended up having them powder coated.

The new axles shafts are 35 splines. A bit over kill. But, I have had this ARB, that I installed, sitting on the shelf, collecting dust, for a number of years, that was for another project. Got tired of letting it sit there. And it was cheaper to purchase new axle shafts, new bearings and seals, and thicker hold down plates. Also, since I'm rolling on 33" shoes, I went with 4.11 gears. Also, the 8 lock nuts, 4 on each side, that holds the axles and brake backing plates in place, where worn out and miss matched. So, I ended up installing new lock nuts when I installed the axle shafts.
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You using the newer jeep carrier, ring and pinion? Like the Jana 44 kit?
For the front axle, I came close to getting that kit. Spent some time talking with Carl Janz about it. We both agreed that it would be over kill, since my tire size will most likely never get beyond 33". But to be on the safe side, I ordered the ARB carrier for the 3.73 down, along with the thick 4.11 ring & pinion. In case I decide to actually go with the Jana 44 kit in the future.

The rear is different. I purchased that ARB unit about 15 years ago, for a different rig, but never used it. When they came out with the 35 spline version for the Dana 44. At that time, the Janz kit wasn't available. And, at that time, I wasn't aware of being able to use thicker ring & pinion gears. In the mean time, I was tired of letting it sit on the shelf unused, collecting dust. Not only that, my current axles under my scout are in need of being rebuilt
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The last couple days, I have been swapping axles into my scout. As of last night, this is the first time that I been able to have 4x4 capabilities in this thing, since I had her.

Also, within the last couple of weeks, I replaced the old tired carb and installed a Holley 2300 two barrel 350cfm. And replaced the whooped fuel filter and a portion of old fuel line.


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The last 14 months, I been dealing with a leaky whooped radiator. Picked up a new one about a month or two ago from our friends up at IHPA, when I was up there last. I finally took the time today to install it.


While I had the old radiator out, I decided to replace the water pump too. Had plenty of room. Time to button everything up, fill with coolant and go for a drive


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After I replaced the radiator last weekend, I ended up with a big electrical gremlin. Turns out to be mostly a grounding issue. And my alternator was acting up and not keeping up with the demand. With all the recent additions. My stock rebuilt 10si was becoming a week link. So, I just finished installing a CS144 alternator. Picked it up from the wrecking yard and then dropped it off to be rebuilt.

Almost bolted right in. Was able to use my original bolt going through the a/c bracket. But, the adjustment arm needed to be filed out to compensate for the larger bolt.


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Here's something that I have been wanting to do for awhile. Since I have been able to drive this rig, up until recently, I haven't had seat belts.



About 3 or 4 weeks ago, I pulled out the stock roll bar out, drilled a couple holes through the tube, then went to my buddies shop and welded the threaded bungs into the tubes and then had the tubes powder coated. In sticking with the overall scheme of things, I obviously went with yellow


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Back in February, when I replaced the alternator, and the last time I actually drove my scout, the transmission decided to piss all it's fluid out. Ran out of gas, 1/4 of the way home. While sitting there on the side street, waiting for a friend to help get gas, trans fluid was pouring down the passenger side frame rail, near where the trans bell housing bolts up to the block. Ever since, I was wondering what I did wrong, when I rebuilt it 4 years ago. But, luckily, I had a spare 727 transmission sitting in storage, and a few weeks ago, I dropped it off at a shop to be rebuilt. Didn't exactly trust my skill level at this point. Nor, do I have a clean space to actually do that kind of rebuilding. Two weeks ago, I swapped out the old and installed the new.

At one point during the day, I was sitting there on the tailgate, taking a break. And noticed something on the old transmission that didn't look right.

Thing was on crack. Still not sure how that happened. Possibly the servo got cockeyed somehow. At some point, when time permitting, I will put it up on the bench and see what exactly happened. Mostly out of curiosity. Since that housing is junk, I'm sure glad that I had a spare one on hand to work with

After 9 months of letting my poor scout be parked out on the street, I'm able to drive it again, for the most part. Still need to adjust the transmission shifter cable, along with a few other things