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    Jeff Ismail

LD`s Custom Scout II

Hello Jeff, love this Scout. I am wondering if you would give us some words on how it drives, wheels, sounds and the power of the engine, trans setup. Btw, how long was build time on this after you guys got it? Things you like/didn't like about the options that were chosen. Thanks, chip nimmons


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The owner is more than pleased with the way the Scout performs. There's really not much that I would do different if given the oppurtunity to build another Scout like this.
Found some pics worth sharing. It shows off more details of this build.

'Con07 254.jpg

Views from the cockpit

'Con07 281.jpg
'Con07 269-1.jpg
'Con07 282.jpg
'Con07 290.jpg
'Con07 129.jpg

In the center console
And from the backside


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This is the kinda Scout that I dream about mine being, more then I dream about girls lately ha. So I got to kno how much money did you spend on this all together and how much did you make off of it?
Someone sent me this pm.

"I was wondering where you got all the parts for the cold air intake set up that is shown in the picture of your engine bay? Do you still know the places and part numbers to get the items? Also, I noticed you are running dual batteries. Are they in series to charge each other or just have one there to run accessories like the radio?"

the carburetor hat is from superiorairflow. It is typically used in turbo or sc applications. The tube was built by IH Parts America using 4" tubing. Hoses & clamps are your typical turbo silicon hose connections. Filter is k&n

a marine isolator is used with the dual batteries. 1 main battery runs everything. The other is a backup. The isolator provides manual or automatic control to combine or isolate batteries.


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You guys are truly genius that is one of the best build ive seen with scouts. Nice beautiful work!

You guys inspire me to get to work on my Scout.

Nice job guys...


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correct its says "vintage air heating/cooling system"

my question was which model is it. There are several different models.

Thanks for the help though
If I'm remembering correctly I believe it was a genii compac system. If you are thinking about installing a vintage air system I would suggest their geniv magnum system as it's a larger system and is contoured to better fit the Scout's firewall.


if I'm remembering correctly I believe it was a genii compac system. If you are thinking about installing a vintage air system I would suggest their geniv magnum system as it's a larger system and is contoured to better fit the Scout's firewall.
Great information thanks


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Ld's rig came back to the shop recently for some minor repairs and upgrades. The camshaft was swapped out for a comp cams shaft that was quite a bit more aggressive. Also a roller tip rocker arm assembly was installed. We took a few pictures during the process so I though I would post them up.

First here's a stock rocker assembly removed from the engine.

With the shafts disassembled the new rocker arms are lined out.

Comparison between a roller shaft assembly and stock.

Quite a few parts had to be removed in order to swap out the camshaft.

A mock-up of the roller rocker assembly on a 345 head shows that this particular set of rockers is not for a 345 but a 392. Another set of rockers had to be ordered to compensate for the difference in valve splay between the two engines.

A cut out valve cover shows a very close tolerance between itself and the rockers.

A little closer view.



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Actually it's the 268h

duration at .050" : 218 218
advertised duration: 268
lobe center angle 110

not a easy cam the novice to tune with fuel injection but it makes good power once tuned. You will need low gears. Power is good at lower rpm but really come on strong at 2000. I got it to idle rock steady at 14-15" vacumm @ 850rpm. I am very happy

comp cam part # ih260h-10

comp cams® - cam details

Carl Wiese

I have never checked out this build before tonight. It is an amazing piece of art and work!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: it gives me so much inspiration to see, I just want to get a house with a garage, so I can get building on another one.