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Change 1977 345 to Prestolite points distributor?


Well, was doing some more reading and may have stumbled across the problem....ME! I was NOT verifying that it was the compression stroke....just that there was pressure pushing back against my finger in the number 8 spark plug hole. So I could have been at the top after the power stroke, instead of where I should be...at the top of the compression stroke. Hope I haven't done any damage. I've got the exhaust manifolds off now soaking in some rust remover and will re-stab the distributor once I've got those painted up and back on....this time on the compression stroke.


That's how you know you're on the comp stroke is by the air forced out of the vacant plug hole. If the piston was then at the top of the stroke as correlated by a piece of dowel rod or screwdriver to indicate peak upward travel, in combination with seeing the timing scribe very near 0 on the index, then that piston is at TDC on the comp stroke. From there it comes down to how far the distributor gear may have rotated as the distributor was inserted, and how closely aligned the rotor was under one of the holes on the distributor cap. That would be where the #8 plug wires goes.