• To ALL forum users - As of late I have been getting quite a few private messages with questions about build ups here on the forum, or tech questions about your personal project. While I appreciate the interest, sending me a private message about these topics distracts from, and undermines the purpose of having a forum here. During the day I wear many hats as a small business owner-operator and I work tirelessly to provide the absolute best service possible to you, our valued customer. When I created this forum I rounded up some of the best minds I knew so that any tech question you might have could be asked and answered by either myself or one of my highly experienced moderators, this way the next time this same question is asked the answer can be easily found and utilized by the next IH enthusiast having the same question. This allows me the freedom to run the day to day operations of the business and minimize the impact to shipments and shop activities that these distractions can cause. It is of the up most importance for me to complete the daily tasks in order to best take care of you our customer, all the while providing you a forum to get the level advice and input you have come to expect and deserve from the premier IH shop in the country.

    So with that I ask that anyone with a question about one of our build ups or a general tech question to please use the forum as it was intended. I am absolutely available by telephone to answer your questions as well but at times may direct you back to our website to better field your question or questions. Most other private messages I will be glad to answer for you.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Jeff Ismail
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  • Pressure in the radiator caused by crack between spark plug hole and intake valve. took three sets of heads to machine shop to check for cracks, only one head was good. Know of any heads available? Dave
    Sent a message through the private messaging system, but not sure how that works... Please let me know when you get it.
    Hey Im new to the site and noticed on the Electrical wiring diagram you were the only one who posted about a travelall and i was wondering if you have the engine wiring diagram for a 74 travelall. i have a 392 2WD Auto rig if that info is needed.

    Thanks for the reply to confused.
    May I pick your brain with the following. I am trying to understand the complete system.

    These are the original wires but have had the terminal ends removed previously.

    1. Wire at the K connector labeled AX-95 is hot with the key on but goes open with key is start. ?
    2. Wire at the K connector labeled BY-95 is how with the key on and stays hot with key in start. ?
    3. Wire at the K connector labeled BY-16 is how with the key on and stays hot with key in start. ?
    4. Wire at the M connector labeled #2 is how with the key on or off. ?
    Tdog, Big Girl's up and RUNNING hope all is well with you and yourn gotsa frisky girl with a speedo, a winch and a need for her finals. she's been studying...she floats at 60+ on the highway...might be johns bulk in the psgr seat luvya
    Tdog! BigGirl's blowing a blue smoke parade looking at a rebuild. Al at B&M recommended Webfoot. FWBrutha and I going to go talk to them thursday. I see you have rebuild kits and could use some help dialing it all in. Ephraim's say howdy Cambo
    By the way this is Jake... figured you would connect the dots with the 1badscout1 but I wanted to be sure. LOL Can you believe someone had the cahoneys to kype my id of 1badscout? what a douche hole! LOL
    Hey bud! Just spent a frigging hour typing out a big ass e-mail to send you.... and found out your old e-mail address is KAPOOT! LOL Picked up another Scout.. 1961 with a snow plow. trying to bullet proof her and keep it all IH and the original 4 banger. I am a bit out of my realm and wanted to pick shop South brains. You know I can't keep it original. Hit me back on e-mail so the rest of the world does read about how ignorant I am. LOL
    tdog, hope you're safe and peein in the big bottle. Thunder and I gonna make for mp2 this saturday for bambishoot...say a small prayer...
    Hey I saw you give good advice so here is my question. I have a 77 scout 345 I just changed over from mechanical to electric pump because I was having what seemed like vapor lock issues. When I drive it for more than 15 min it sputters and wants to turn off, when it does it turns back on after waiting a few minutes. I'm not sure what to do next I just rebuilt the carb, so I don't think it is that.
    Sorry about the message earlier. It was for IHRunner. I clicked the wrong name! Tell Selma I said Hi. Loved her in Fredrica...
    i was looking through another thread talking about a similar noise and you posted that he should be running straght 50wt in his d20 transfer case. ive been running 80-90 gear oil in my t-19 wide tranny, d300 transfer case, d40front and rear diff. should i also be running 50wt on those gears?
    ibramblin here. hope alls good. i havent heard from ya on the ''sounds like trouble" thread. are we still friends? i made a nice video of the whole chingadera and it shows a couple of things that you guys mentioned as possible culprits. the main one, i just noticed is theres a shiny ring on the bull gear like the one in the picture that michael posted. i did use a gasket when i put the thing back together but maybe it wasnt thick enough? alright brother i look forward to your reply
    Thanks for fixing my pictures, computers aren't my thing. Scouts aren't either, I bought this one from a friend of my dads in 04 because it's rust free, I thought they came from the factory with rust. I don't know what it's worth and I need a pick-up.
    sorry to hear about hootys radiator. we're all in need of a mantrip. the camper looks like a huntin' hilton to me, but i'd like to see the inside to see where to hang all the trophies! i've gots lots of caulks so we can make her purty and dry. "SYSTEMS CHECK! Shop South?" "GO FLIGHT!"
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