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I have then adapter in hand, fresh off the VMC. Works as expected. While this is a small turbocharger the adapter will allow multiple larger options down the road. The 152 IH with it's flow characteristics and operating range, fit perfectly with the flow maps delivered by my current choice.

I fabricated a fixture system that will allow me to locate and lock the carburetors for manifold runner fab and creation. So far the envelope dictated by the scout 80 firewall is very doable.





Very nice!

If it wouldn't be toooo much trouble, a view from the back end, looking forward, centered about the top of the valve cover, to see how high that turbo sits, would be nice.
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It does, thanks. And when you have a little more time for a couple of critical measurements, exactly what is the distance from the highest point of the valve cover to the top of that turbo? Thinking about under hood clearances. You are looking at worst case here, as an early is rotated 15 degrees inward and your turbo sits higher. An early, IIRC, will have greater clearance than a Scout II. Which brings me to the second measurement. Can you rotate your engine 15 degrees outward - as if it were mounted like a V8 - and grab that same metric? That would give me an idea of how it would fit under a Scout II hood. With the set up I had with the OEM turbo, I had about 3/4", and it was a bit too close for my comfort. To whatever distance you get, I would add about another 1/2", as a 196 is taller than a 152. I am hoping that your arrangement, with a smaller turbo, will make a significant difference in under hood clearance.

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I can give you the measurements as it stands now for sure, rotating it to 45deg is an other thing.. It took quite a bit of finagling to get the engine to sit on the stand like it is in a scout 80. If one of the stand index pin holes is about where it needs to be I'll try.
I have a bunch of irons in the fire at the moment, so give me a few days, maybe Saturday for the measurements.
As it stands now is fine. Perhaps the other when convenient. Progress comes slowly with projects such as these...
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This is the best pic I have that illustrates the differences between your installing your 152 into an early 80 series vs. a 196 in a Scout II where the 1/2 V8 rotates back to the normal mounting scheme. Clearance with the TRW turbo was pretty close to the underside of my hood (mostly the reinforcing web). It will be interesting to see how high your turbo sits, and how it would sit rotated back to its normal location. Although the 196 block is an inch or so higher, any turbo won't sit that much higher (trigonometry and all that, you know). Anyway, we'll eventually have an answer to this. Looking at the surfaces things mount to, we have the V8 as a 90 degree vee, so the centerline of the piston bores is 45 degrees from vertical. The exhaust ports themselves appear, as best I can determine, 30 degrees from the vertical. That's why, in this pic, the interface between the wedge and exhaust manifold is vertical. And the plane of the manifold outlet is not horizontal, but tipped (rotated) 15 degrees from the horizontal. Thus the wedge provides a 15 degree correction. If I go this route - machining a wedge - I would still need to make an manifold adaptor-to-turbo spacer with a 15 degree taper to make the turbo base plate horizontal. Maybe this is not essential. Please review my assessment of these angles to see that I have not suffered a brain fart and can't smell it. :icon_rotate:


Got your measurements today, as you know. I just now measured that distance from top of valve cover to the top of your turbo. It is several inches shorter than the height of the TRW turbo in my pic (above). So under hood distance is significantly improved. Yay!
Just emailed you a sketch to confirm configuration and some measurements.

Regarding the height of your turbo, the height I measured (your 5 7/8") from the peak of my valve cover is still about 2" lower than the top of my air cleaner. That is excellent clearance.
How does this compare to the normal regrind that Jeff sells? That's what I have. It ups the exhaust lift a little bit.

And I looked over all those pics you sent. What a fascinating piece of casting TRW produced for IH. I believe I now have enough pics and dimensions so that one could make a good stab at machining a functional wedge. When time permits, of course.

Question regarding your turbo mounting: You have the base of the turbine housing sitting horizontal, and the compressor housing is "overshot". The waste gate has a specific geometry, it seems. Your exhaust exits rearward. For me, I was envisioning roughly the same kind of mounting orientation as I had before. Your turbo would sit about at the same level, but can it be reversed, so that the compressor is undershot (even if I had to rotate it pointing more upward), and the exhaust outlet would face forward? That waste gate looks like it would be problematic.
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