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IH lifter rattle syndrome, What is it and do I have it?


New member
Cool. Thanks!

I just picked up some rotella 15w40 and a new filter.

I'm also going to pull the rear cam plate and see if there is anything I can see going on in there. Maybe I can run a bore brush in the lifter galleries.


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Thinking I May have an obstruction in the lifter gallery I decided to take a look. I pulled the rear cam plate and found what looks like excessive bearing clarence. This sucks! I thought the oil looked a little cloudy when I changed it. It looks like my lifter tick will only get worse unless I change the cam bearings.


Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
The other bearings are probably no better. The rear one we see in your photo is installed to far aft in the block. It should be seated below the plate mounting face about 1/16 and needs to be flush with the rear of the cam. This opens the flow channels that feed the lifter galleries and lines up the oil groove in the cam with the oiling features in the bearing.. There is no need to grind a notch on the bearing for the oil channels. Simply install it correctly. Most engine builders not familiar with this IH oiling system will get it wrong. See this post for more detail on positioning the bearings.
This member suffered a similar bearing failure but all of the bearings seemed to be installed correctly.



Care to mention who the builder was? Was there any pre-build discussion regarding their prior sv8 build history?