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Andy's 75 Scout 250

i finally got the fenders fully welded! now working on some rust repair! also had to modify the access panel since the fender is over the corner of it now:D don't know why the pic's rotated like that.



we always say custom builds like this are all about time and money. well this post is about money! i found a Dodge kingpin 60 front axle! it's about the same year as my frame so fingers crossed it will bolt right in!! it's a very beefy axle:D:D i'm already looking at lockers and high steer arms.



Trust me in this, consider double shear.
Look into getting arms with the hole lines up with the stock hole on the knuckle.

Make sure you do springless.... With an adjustable spacer for the kingpin.

Run stock 30 spline outers to start.
Later, when $ permits look for 35 spline outer stubs & hubs.
thanks for the input Mike!

i finished the cross brace a little while ago, i just never posted pictures. it's designed similar to the stock scout cross brace in that one side is over the frame bracket and the other side is under. the hope is to not need a jack to remove or install the brace. hopefully i don't have to modify it to clear the front driveshaft.



What Tcase are u planning on running?

Did the old drivetrain have NP205?

If so, find a way to run a doubler between it.

It may cause issues with the crossmember & front driveshaft.
That can be solved with a 2 piece drive shaft...

the truck was a gas engine 3/4 ton so it had a NP241. i do have a 205 but am thinking about an atlas. i don't like the idea of that heavy 205 hanging off the back of my OD trans. plus the doubler box is about 1/2 price of the atlas.


the truck was a gas engine 3/4 ton so it had a NP241. i do have a 205 but am thinking about an atlas. i don't like the idea of that heavy 205 hanging off the back of my OD trans. plus the doubler box is about 1/2 price of the atlas.
You have the 241/205 already.
$700 for econo box & then fab or buy a cross member for 205.
Biggest issue will be length I think. (Versus $3k for Atlas)

I’m a manual guy, so research tc gearing for autos & figure out what is best.
i'm working on aligning the doors. wanted to make sure i was somewhat close after replacing the rockers and a good portion of floor. after working on it for a while i decided to pull the door back off and check the hinges. they only had minor play when installed. turns out the hinges have a lot of play! so now i'm rebuilding hinges. i researched online and found a guy who used doorman hinge pins (38400). i bought 2 from different stores and they were both .005" smaller than spec. says right on the package .342 dia. so i tried Napa (675-5143) much better! the first one was bang on at .342 second one was .340" still usable.




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I Had similar play in both doors in both my scouts, along with one or two broken hinge pins, and I ended up rebuilding the hinges in both. I ordered the hinge pins through IHPA at the time. I don't recall off hand what the dimensions were, but they seemed to work.
i got some help over the weekend getting the doors aligned and 99% of the floor welded in! A big thanks to Craig and Jesse!
It's awesome to get some progress on this thing!