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Andy's 75 Scout 250

Well, this will probably be a slow build but I figured I’d get started on a write up. The plan is to shorten the frame of a 1992 dodge 250 to around 106” wheelbase. Then set the body of a 1975 Scout on it. The drive train will be dodge. Fuel injected 360, 241/205 doubler, Dana 60 front and 60 or 70 rear. The Scout first.


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Don't see nuthin' wrong with that thar enjineerin. Scary to think of the loads ol' cletus and jethro might have pulled with that in years past.
Finally getting some work done on this project! I'm so glad to be back working on my own stuff!!:icon_rotate::gringrin:

I removed the tail pipe and muffler, the radiator support and inner fenders! Also pulled the steering column. I killed a few wasps as well.
My friend came over and helped me get the cab off:yesnod:
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I cut a 20" section out of the frame.
Here it is welded back together. I still need to make some fish plates for it. The wheelbase now is 111":gringrin:
I removed the stock cross member for the transmission because it hung down almost 5" below the frame! I will be building a new one with much more clearance.
And so the tear down on the Scout begins! I pulled the doors and the rear window.
Then I removed the tailgate. I am in the process of removing the top.
I do. I plan to use it to remove the body off the frame. Shouldn't need it for the top. (added Scout to the photo)
I got some good work done on the Scout! I traded my friend some work on his f150 for his help on the Scout. We got the roof, hood and front fenders off!!
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Thank you for your interest!!

I have been cutting rusty floor boards and rocker channels out. I'm beginning to wonder if another tub would be less work. I did clearance the fender openings for the larger tires and longer wheelbase.


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the po had welded the the trailer hitch to the gas tank skid plate:out:

one day I'll figure out how to post more than one picture.
Wonder if it's the same po that I'm dealing with on my 72 yellow Scout. Had same exact type of welded on hitch system. But I wasn't replacing the bumper. So I carefully ground off some welds just so I could drop the skid plate and tank to service it.


I'm most interested in how you will adapt the body to the dodge frame. Is the engine position and position of the front axle of the dodge frame going to work with the Scout firewall, core support and wheel opening? I'm assuming that the front axle will be farther forward than stock for more clearance. Can't wait to see this! I'm considering doing something similar except with a first gen cummins and wondering if cutting the dodge frame and adapting the body will be the best way to go or if making major mods to the Scout frame will be better.
I'm curious how the front axle placement, motor mounts and fire wall turn out too:icon_wink: and yes the front axle will be moved forward in regard to the fender openings. The body mounts don't have to line up, they're just steel with a hole in them.

Do you plan on running the 6bt cummins? The weight and vibration would require serious strengthening of the Scout frame. Also there's the length of the engine. I would probably move the rad. Support forward or cut the firewall for clearance. Extra clearance I should say. The 6bt will fit but it is tight.

I thought about a diesel engine. The low end torque is awesome! The thing that changed my mind, other than the price of a used 6bt, was the noise. The people that have them say that they are always shutting the engine off just to hear other people on the trail.


I have a '93 club cab long bed cummins that I don't use much because it's too big for my needs most of the time. The paint on it is a gonner and the frame is seriously rusty but salvageable from commuting to truckee for years, that was awhile ago but the damage is done. So the plan is to put it's running gear in a terra, do a cory smith extended cab on it and use it for commuting sometimes, towing the missus' travel trailer and mild offroading. I know what you mean about the noise and vibration but I'm used to it and I won't be building a crawler.
All that is why I'm so interested in your using the dodge frame. I did stumble across such a build yesterday or so and if I can find it again will post a link if that is allowed.