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Just because I don't live there anymore, doesn't mean I can't help plan things and do the things I like to do.

Lets get this show on the road.
The last I remember at dinner, we'll still setup at sycamore and seriously plan for area 5 next year.

Area 5 is still doable for this year, but will need some serious deposit money. $1000.00 should cover most deposits.
If we still want to shoot for this year, I could lay out a very scaled back show.

Lets hear some chatter

I asked dave if I can still be a babs'ster and part of the group. Then it dawned on me / babs is an online club, not a location club.
His response was “duh. You of all people should know that.”


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I'm around sorta. Like I mentioned previousely, I'm not sure how much help I could provide. Too soon to tell yet, but it May start looking like I May not be able to make it this year. :icon_cry:

Stacy's Dad

Sory I havent be avabul . Work had had me prety ocupied . Do we have a date ? I would like to try to do a poker run agin , not sure what to do about prizes ? Chese movie night ? Maby we can prearange somthing with the rangers ? Jason if you desine a black & white flyer I May be able to print some .


We should get a date posted and include the babs hot dog lunch (I'll be sure to bring stuff for the hot dog lunch and movie night). Sounds like Joe will set up the poker run. Free wheeling he rest of the weekend?

I doubt we'll get an exception to run the movie past 10pm, but perhaps we can get it set up a little earlier say 7pm to 9pm?


I posted this in the other thread:

do you still want lisa to design the logo? I can get her to work on it this week if you'd like.

I need the details on what it should say/how it should be said, & a rough idea of what we'd like it to look like.


Thanks mocha. Yes, I’d still like lisa to design the new art, but things aren’t ready for that. As you can see this year kinda fell flat as I dropped the ball from my end. It will just be the usual this year. Maybe things will change for next year. Between now and then we can kind of plan on a dress rehearsal for next year


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Sounds good. Maybe a few of them might make the trek down to the IH bbq/work day?

Once I get at least one of my scouts drivable, I would be able to be more mobile. Plus, my full time job is starting to slow down a little bit, which will free up a little more time for me in the evenings


Guys I am in! I plan to arrive on Friday and my wife will show on Saturday. Just want to confirm that the airstream will make it. Save me some space and buy me some hot dogs.

Stacy's Dad

Look up pics from last years trip,should give you a good idea of what sycmore camp looks like . I dont see any issues with getting your airstream in there (its only about 18' if I remenber right ) they get some prety nig digs down there . Anslute worst case if it fills up theres always roomat tje obsticl cours camp ground .


So it part of the planning thread, I reposted this here.

Talk to the rangers about having a dozer available for the mud pit next year.

For starters.
Check out the amenities of area 5 for:
-shelter in case it rains.
-food prep & service area,
-group meals?
-a place for kids to play safely.
-scope out a games area
-camp bonfire