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scout-it-out '79 scout II


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I will be doing the same thing for my 72 yellow Scout with a rebuild. No forward gears what so ever. Plus, the tail housing in mine needs to be replaced. Po virus with totally whooped trans mount that screwed up the two bolt holes in the tail housing beyond repair. I currently have two spares sitting here on the bench that one will be swapped in when I do my rebuild.

What rebuild kit did you go with?
The tail section has 4 bolts and only uses two. Could you rework the mount to use the good holes? I know you have a used one already, just sayin'
I had to get the two tail housing seals locally. Not in the trans or t-case kits.


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Probably the only way to use the spare two holes in the original tail housing, is to relocate the trans cross member. But from my recollection of when I saw it last, is that it's so buggered up that it's much easier to swap. The damage seemed pretty extensive. I already ordered the output bearing and two seals from IHPA. Bit pricey, but worth the lack of headache in getting it else where. Plus, they seem to be the only ones that provide both the bearing and seals in one kit/package. When I actually get around to working on it, I will start another build thread for that one with posting up the trans rebuild
Not related to the transmission but... I got a new spare tire!

I did get some more work done on the trans. Pretty much all that's left is to put the valve body back in and install a shifter seal.
I've been meaning to upgrade my alternator for a while now. I wanted a 12si but the parts store didn't have it. So they made me a deal on a 15si. I never heard of it but after some research it is most likely 78 amp. I think it's the same family as the 10 and 12si. Same plug and one post. So wiring was a no brain-er. I did run a 10ga wire directly to the battery so as not to overload the stock amp meter or related wiring. The case on the 15si is bigger than the 10. The only way I could get it in was to make an access panel. The adjusting bolt is larger, 3/8 vs the stock 5/16. A few min. With a die grinder made it work. The new alt. Works great! At idle with the ac and elec. Fan on, I'm at 14v. In drive I still have 13.5v:d


Well, no sooner than I fasten the jack down, a tire separates on me and I have to use it! On my way home from an impromptu snow run and the steering wheel starts vibrating. Finally it got so bad I had to pull over. Sure enough the driver front had a big bump in it. I found a nice sam's club parking lot and put the spare on. Ups just brought my new cooper stt pros today:d:d

weighed my Scout today, 4800 lbs.

1/2 tank of gas
custom welded bumpers front and rear
10lb co2 tank
large fire extinguisher
tool bag
bottle jack
31" spare tire on steel wheel
i've had one electric fan for a while now. for some reason i thought there wasn't room for a second one... i was wrong:D.

in the process of wiring the second fan, i found i didn't like the way the first fan was wired. so i rewired both of them! that ground in the foreground is just for the relays.


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Nice. Both fans will help. Also hope you didn't use those POS straps that come with most electric fans that go through the radiator. Many years ago, I personally ended up with a bad radiator because of them. Also had to replace another radiator last year in a friends scout because some other shop used them.
i did use those special zip tie things one one side of each fan. they are not through the radiator though. they're fastened to the ac condenser. the OE condensers are very sturdy, plus i have a spare, lol. thanks for your concern.
In the process of fixing door hinges for my Scout project, I decided to do the ones on my green Scout. Two of the hinges had broken pins when I bought it so I just replaced them with some spare hinges I had lying around. So I rebuilt the factory green hinges with new pins and grease fittings and installed them today. Best thing about it is, the little friction pads were intact so my door doesn't close on my leg anymore!


Christmas tree/ snow run up East of Chico near Butte Meadows. i was the only scout.

Hey Jeff, I found a new use for that fly swatter you gave us! works great for clearing snow away from the valve stem when you need to air down some more.

So I finally got tired of modifying wiper blades to halfway work on my Scout. I got a couple of wiper arms from the wrecking yard with the new hook Style. Then cut off the last two inches. I then drilled and tapped a hole for 8-32 threads. I modified the little plastic washer for the wider arm. I can now buy wipers at any auto parts store that carries the 13 inch!