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what to inspect before buying a turbo diesel scout

Hi guys,
are there any simple things I can inspect before buying an sd33t Scout? I've heard the only real way to gauge the health of the engine is to take the head off, which I doubt anyone will let me do before paying. I'm looking for something closer to a daily driver, so I don't want to screw myself by buying a project by mistake.

blue smoke

Have the seller start it cold. So once it starts some smoke is normal should clear within a minute or so depending on the temp.

When it warms up look under the Scout for the road draft tube iirc it is on the driver side by the starter have the seller rev it up a little small puffs of whit smoke are ok puffing like a locomotive is bad.

Check the coolant before it gets hot making sure it is clean and not bubbling.

Overall oil leaks aren't a killer but they could indict owner neglect.

That is the bare bones basics if you have the chance run a compression test (not easy on a diesel)

I am sure others will chime in
Thanks for the advice. I checked out the truck and the engine seemed great. Unfortunately the rest of the truck wasn't quite together. Front driveshaft off, manual hubs didn't turn, one brake randomly locks, seat belts and mirrors not installed. I was looking for a daily driver instead of a project so I had to pass.