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• poker run / trail friendly
/a poker run is an organized event where participants, must visit five to seven checkpoints, drawing a playing card at each one. The object is to have the best poker hand at the end of the run. The event has a time limit, however the participants are not timed—winning is purely a matter of chance.
/poker runs usually require a fee to enter; part of the fee goes to funding the event, including the prizes, while the rest goes to the event's charity recipient or club treasury. Prizes, such as money, plaques, or merchandise donated by commercial sponsors of the event, are awarded for the best hand. Some runs will award smaller awards for lower hands or even the lowest hand.
Provide gps points
the course will be marked with black arrows (white background) and multi-colored ribbons. We are the only ones using these. Always keep the ribbons on your right side.
/////dice run. A dice run is one variation, where instead of collecting cards, participants roll dice at each stop. The object is to have the highest score as determined by the sum of the dice rolls. Requires someone to monitor the station.

Stacy's Dad

I want to try a poker run this year . Probly wont have time to be as orginised as I would like . I do have amo cans to use at location to hold evvlopes in . I could probly laminate some "signs" . Would need help with art work . Not sure what to do for a prise .

Stacy's Dad

Cheese supplied some great art work !! For the check point signs . I will laminate them and attach them to a backing material . I will attach the signs to some grade stakes that can be driven into toe ground . I got some tupperware containers I will attach below the signs to hold envelopes containing the cards . Picked up 2 decks and envelops today . I can print maps off the parks web site . Hopefully I can Mark them up ahead of time .
At this time the winner will receive bragging rights to being the poker run winning hand holder . :icon_stressed::icon_stressed: