Upgrade to Power Steering on 1966 IH Pickup


I'm hoping to upgrade the steering on my 1966 IH Pickup 1200A and found this kit being sold by IHartsAmerica.

I don't have any experience with power steering, but this doesn't seem like everything I would need to get it going. It says "You supply the steering box and hoses." What would that mean for my 1200A? Could I fit something like this?

Would a power steering box plus this pump kit plus hoses be everything I would need?


I probably can't answer all your questions, but that Scout II steering box won't work for your application. Power steering was an option on these trucks from the factory. You need a power steering box from a similar vintage A or B series 4x2 Pick-all. The lineset code for this is 05219. The IH part number of the PS gearbox is 286367 C91. Section 5, illustration 6, on page 7 of the MT 118 IHC parts catalog has an exploded view of this box.