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Tulare 09

Tulare 09

it came up on the ihcc site that a member needed to haul his tractor to the antique ag show in tulare. He has a 1936 farmall f30 on rubber that is too big for his trailer. Sounded like a good excuse for me to drive the 68 co loadstar to the show. We made the connection. Friday morning, I departed san bruno at 5am to meet steve carroll in manteca. Found his home easily on his good directions. We introduced ourselves and specked out the project.

The tractor was 4” wider than the bed of my truck. No problem, just careful loading involved. To load, he drove the tractor about a mile down the road to a neighbor’s place where there was a ramp. I backed up to the ramp. He pulled the tractor around to the slope for loading and it died. A little diagnostic work discovered a dead magneto. Parts from two made up a good one and we got the tractor loaded about two hours later.

We made a detour to visit a 96 year old neighbor who has numerous tractors and trucks on his place including a lot of internationals. We gammed [sailor’s talk for shooting the bull] For a while then had to get down the road. Another couple of hours had passed.

The trip down 99 to tulare went well. We finally had breakfast at brooks ranch just north of tulare at travers exit. What an interesting place with good food. Sitting in their parking lot is a 1948 IH k8 texaco fuel truck.

The ramp at the ag center was an easy off-load. The tractor started up and behaved well until the parade on Saturday. It died in the waiting queue. Several hands assisted getting the mag working again or was it the carb this time? Whichever, steve joined in the parade.

Sunday, headed home. Loaded that wide stance tractor back on the flatbed and headed north. 25 miles later, there was a loud bang and smoke was coming into the cab! Needless to say, I pulled over and bailed out. After determining that there was no fire, I raised the cab to inspect and found a burst water pump by-pass hose. Steve used his truck to go for water while I modified a spare hose to fit the location. We got back on the road after putting it back together and filling it up.

15 miles later, we were sitting beside the road, boiling over. And so it went, boiling every 15 miles or so. The temp would rise, we would stop, it would boil. We waited until it cooled then filled up the system and set off again. In the cab-overs, the radiator cap is right by your right shoulder under the cab. When it boils, the vibrating cap makes a siren sound which gets your attention fast.

We tried pulling the thermostat and blocking the bypass; it still boiled. Going at about 45 mph prolonged the run before it boiled. We got to manteca at 5 am.

We noticed that the radiator was hot on the top but not the bottom when we stopped. Several jugs of dupont’s best were poured into the system then run for a while to flush it well. Lots of yuk came out when we drained the flush.

Driving homeward bound on Monday afternoon I was able to nurse it to tracy before boiling. It was a good excuse to visit lance and connor to fill the jugs. He put me onto the old road over the altamont pass which was windy but not nearly as hilly as the freeway over the pass. I got to the west side before it boiled again. Called my brother in danville who sorted out a secondary road route to his place. Got to within a few miles before it boiled again. Stopped and washed the tulare ag center mud off then dropped the truck at his place and went on home: too tired to fight it another mile.

Saw patients Tuesday then rode a bart train back to brother jim’s home in danville. Just on a hunch, we dug out his timing light and dwell meter to check out the specs. Wow! Dwell of 20 degrees instead of 28 – 30 degrees and time was retarded 10 degrees! No small wonder it ran hot. Only an old IH motor would run at all that retarded. Then he discovered that the vacuum tap for the distributor was active at idle contributing to the timing mess.

With all that fixed, I drove it home 60 miles without a stop.

The ag show was somewhat lighter in attendance this year but a good show by any standard. I missed seeing all of the scouts west clan due to the demise of the western regionals. Pulled at my heartstrings a little to see that large empty area at the western end. There were several IH trucks around the show. George schimpf showed up with is early stock Scout 80 with the factory pto winch. We parked together and billed my cab-over as a ‘Scout on steroids’. The vendors, auction, kids’ games, evening dinner and show and several meals were all in their usual good form. The tractor pulls were especially good this year.

I’ll be there next year. Look me up at the International Harvester collector’s club booth.
Doc stewart

Michael Mayben

IHPA Tech Moderator - Retired & No Longer Online
Great story doc!!!

And the IH network worked overtime this weekend!

Without stories like this playing with these rotbuckets wouldn't be near as much fun!

j brad

New member
Judy & brad will plan on being at tulare with the Scout next year. Wanted to be there this year, but the finances didn't allow it. My brother should be down from idaho for it also
Technically, the western regional is no more but, there were several of us there this year and more will be visiting in 2010. Hq will be at the International Harvester collector's club booth/area by the huge white tent. Look me up there!