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Travelette gas tank(s) relocation?

Rusty Gold

New member
Hi, I have a 1970 3/4 travelette 2wd automatic 392 4 bbl Holley with points ignition currently. I am seriously considering fuel injection if I do it will be bill's setup. Currently the truck has one factory gas tank (below the passenger floor board and 2 more aftermarket tanks that were added at a camper shop. They are mounted in the bed side behind the cab. The concern is they all 3 are between the frame and the outer sheet metal which has been proven to be fatal in a side impact. The aftermarket tanks are steel but much thicker than a factory tank. We often pile 6 people in and go for rides. I am somewhat concerned should I change over my gas tanks to something between the frame rails or am I worrying to much. Thanks for your input. :confused5:

Bill USN-1

F.I. Moderator
A single rear tank would definitely make it easier and safer.
I see guys using a later suburban tank. But really it's just figuring out how much room you have and then finding a tank that fits with the filler neck in the correct position.
You could start with looking at aftermarket tanks. See if they give the dimensions and then it will give you an idea of what vehicle to look for in the junkyard.
They even make extra capacity tanks so you could end up with about the same capacity as your current setup.
1 tanks makes plumbing much easier when you go efi since it uses a feed and a return line to each tank.

Rusty Gold

New member
Thanks bill, as usual I am going to complicate a simple solution. I am planning on using the 1970's truck cap/camper so then I can't put the spare tire in the bed because of that, if I put the gas tank where the spare is then I am left with the spare on the front bumper I am not a fan of that option either. The drive shaft doesn't appear to leave enough room by the frame rail for a tank long ways. I am not oposed to multiple tanks useability and safety are the important thing on this one. Worse case I will toss the spare in camper. Any pictures of completed projects would be great!
Thanks for the help.


Active member
There was a 3rd tank located under the bed above the frame on mt t'ette. The filler door is still in the drivers side.

Rusty Gold

New member
It's been a while but I am back and I still want to pursue a better tank. Is this 3rd factory tank available anywhere? It sounds like the solution I am looking for.


New member
thanks guys for this information!

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