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Trail Run: Stag Point, Cleghorn, or Snake Lake

Jesse B.


can you make July 26-27 or can you only go August 2-3? I ask because I think Craig cannot go August 2-3. I'll check with him.

Jesse B.

Craig can't make it in August. Sorry Matt. I'd offer to push that pig, but I know why it goes through so much gas....

Michael Dimock

IH Parts America Sales Assoc.
I can meet you in Grass Valley if you want. But you'll have to travel with my 100 hp slow turd up a windy mountain rd.....:d
Thanks for the offer! I May only have 100hp left in my rig! Lol I just have a more road friendly 3.73 gears.

Google shows 1.5 hrs from Grass Valley to gold lake. Sooo... Craig should be through there about 7.30am. We'll see!

Rock Tractor

IHPA Tech Moderator
Is anybody towing?:d

edit: that's almost 4 hours of driving each way:icon_eek:. I'm not in the mood for that:cryin:. See ya at cantina.:devil:
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Craig should be through there about 7.30am. We'll see!
Ok I just reread this and were to be at the trail head by 9am

I guess I better find a map too.

Google says hour and 10 to get to the Grass Valley so hour and a half sounds about right. ( but google says go to marysville and then turn right.)

I really have no clue where I'm going.
I can get close.



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Maybe everyone meet up at bassetts station. Blue roof in the back ground.

I willing to go either up 99 to marysville or 80 to 49 to Grass Valley and follow others from there


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Jesse B.

Bassett's sounds fine to me too. I'd still like to hit the trail at 9am, so with a little luck, I'll be at bassetts at about 8:30-8:45ish. Hope to see everyone there:smilewinkgrin:


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I'm getting up at 5:45 and leaving at 6 am. I hope to make it to Grass Valley around 7:30 am. Meet up with andy as he has a radio. I suspect t- mobile cell service will be spotty at best.
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I made it home safe! A couple small dents in the passenger door maybe but nothing serious! It was a fun trip! I would like to try it again when it's slightly cooler and after some rain. It did cool off very nicely in the evening. It wasn't even dark yet when we started putting on jackets and long pants.

The first picture is me and Craig meeting up in Grass Valley.

These two are at the trail head. The entrance to gold lake.

These were all taken at our camp site at snake lake. About 7,000 ft elevation. IMG_3671.jpg


On the right is the trail we took to get there and back. There are other ways to get there. One way is much harder and the other way is just longer.