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Timken T-32 transfer case


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I've got a rare (1 of 932) 1954 R-160 4X4. These trucks had a massive Timken T 32 transfer case. The only PTO option is a full engine torque rear-facing unit that I'd love to get my hands on. Not to mention a basic rebuild kit for the T-case. Any information on these transfer cases and on the PTO unit would be greatly appreciated.

On these trucks, the diffys are both offset to the passenger side, so the transfer case PTO splines directly onto the back end of the input shaft. Great for the Bell Telephone trucks that drilled the holes for installing new telephone poles, for example.

In the attached drawing of this unit, the input shaft is top right (well, one of the two t-case shifters is at the very top right), the PTO mechanism is top left, and the front and rear output shafts are at the bottom.



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Update, looks like the T-Case in my truck dates from 1963, so is not orignal. The original would have been a nearly identical Timken T32. Rockwell bought out Timken's transfer case production, and renmaed it "Rockwell Standard" in 1958. THey are similar enough that the IH part number stamped on my 1963 Rockwell is the same as that listed in the 1954 IH R-160 4X4 parts catalog for the Timken transfer case.

I'm still interested in anyone who has the PTO unit described in the original post. Or that can confirm whether or not the PTO units from later Rockwell T-223 T-Cases are compatible.