SWEPCO 210 ???


along with the scout, i also have a 2016 F 150 with the 9.75 rear axle.

question is do you think it is ok to use SWEPCO 210 gear oil in the ford diffs ??

ford says use only Motorcraft® SAE 75W-85 Premium Synthetic Hypoid Gear Lubricant XY-75W85-QL W

my common sense tells me the SWEPCO 210 is fine for the ford diffs

but SWEPCO man what do you think ?

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Regarding the Ford diffs:
The SWEPCO 210 would work fine, but it is not a synthetic blend oil, therefore it would not meet the oem specification and could possibly void any warranty issues you may have....even though it is highly unlikely that one would occur because of the 210.
Over the years, and most currently since about 20 years ago, quite a few oems went to using synthetic oils to cover extreme operating temps both low and high, however SWEPCO 210 is extremely close to those same ranges without being synthetic.
Most oems call for 75W90 Synthetic gear oil, which SWEPCO does manufacture to meet those specs, it is SWEPCO 202 75W90 Synthetic Gear Oil and it also contains their additive package which includes moly. This would be more in line with the Ford oil than the 210 is. For more info on this and other products go to the SWEPCO website at USSwepco.com and click on the lubricants section, then select the product category and choose the product you want to see the information for.
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I am away from my desktop and it was difficult to get logged on with my wife's laptop.


thank you for getting back to me!

im way out of warranty on the ford. and i have a lot of 210 because that is what i put in the scout, so im going to put it in the ford also.

thank you !!