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This issue of the newsletter will concentrate on a subject which is not covered often enough.

It might not be a subject which everyone has an interest in, but the main purpose of even writing a newsletter is to educate our readers with as much information about applications which will broaden their knowledge. In this case, pique some interest with “high performance,” in particular extreme off-road racing.

When southwestern petroleum corp first opened their doors back in 1933, the emphasis was to be able to provide lubricants to the industrial world by manufacturing lube products which, when used lengthens equipment life, extends service intervals, reduces labor and downtime and saves money.

In today’s world nothing has changed except for the fact that in the last 84 years, the market emphasis noted has expanded exponentially into many other fields of service including, along with others, transportation, automotive and high performance applications. A number of the sales force provides products to many different areas of businesses, while others are content with selling to a niche they feel comfortable with.

Quality….the world’s most technologically advanced lubricants —lubricants that yield ultimate protection for our customers.

Everybody talks quality, but oils and all greases are not created equal. There is a difference and that difference manifests itself throughout any kind of operation…. From up-time and productivity, to reliability, to capital asset preservation, to competitiveness, to cost control and profitability. Nothing says quality like performance and nothing proves performance like the real world experience of swepco customers.

More than five decades ago a new salesman from europe who had a huge knowledge with high performance automobiles and race cars joined swepco and tried to make a go of just selling to their already base customers for industrial applications. He soon realized that his passion was not in that marketing area, and started calling on prospects who specialized in cars such as porsche, bmw, mercedes, alpha romero, ferrari, and such. In just a few years, from an immigrant who could barely speak english, he rose to being a top salesman for the company and the rest is history. High-performance automotive, as well as automotive repair shops of all kinds have grown into a large segment of the business.

swepco products sold to high
performance related customers​

101 moly grease reduces friction & heat, and extends bearing life. It is made with a non-melt formulation and extremely resists water and corrosion. High performance is required for cv joints and general purpose, applications.

gear oils used in high performance category is varied:

201 80w90 multi purpose gear oil, the first and probably the most popular for the earlier porsche “stiff-shifting” transmissions.

202 moly xp 75w90 synthetic gear oil was developed a few years ago to meet the needs of the newer oem requirements for both transmission and differential applications.

203 moly gear oil, available in weights ranging from 90 to 250wt, it is an exceptional choice for desert racing and high impact off-road cars.

210 80w140 multi-grade gear oil has been a favorite with dirt-car circle track racing, such as sprint cars. It gives protection from heat breakdown, and has been proven to lower the “seat temperature” of the drivers who are almost straddling the differentials, as much as a 25° drop from a well-known oil! Some competitive gear oils are known to shrink seals and cause leaks—(which also causes some minor irritation from the race teams when unloading the cars from the trailers and finding a puddle of gear oil on the floor!).

306 supreme formula engine oil is our number one selling oil for high performance and racing. 306 contains a high zinc formula, it continues to be a favorite by many engine builders as well as race teams. Because of the superior chemistry, it also has increased the time between “freshen-ups,” saving money.

714 hydraulic transmission oil (atf) Is most popular in both 20wt and 30wt formulas and recommended by transmission builders according to the application. 714 reduces friction and wear and has excellent high temperature stability. It has also been used as the “shop-preferred” atf for regular automotive use before the onset of oems calling for synthetic oil, in which case the swepco 712 full synthetic oil would be the choice for many applications.

715 power steering/hydraulic oil has increased in popularity and pump manufacturer recommendations. It reduces friction and wear and pump “squeal.” it has excellent de-foaming capabilities which also protects against boundary lubrication while reducing heat. Sprint cars use it in the power steering system as well as the hydraulic system for adjusting the position of the top wing of the car.

With few exceptions to these products, most are used in "regular" automotive (including pick-up trucks) as well as "daily drivers," imports and classic vehicles - which of course include IH scouts, travelalls, etc. They are available from IHPA in the parts section under the lubricants section.