Source for Prestolite end-play shims? And possibly a Prestolite base gasket/seal?

Hi all. Been looking through these threads but can't find what I need. What kind of shims do I buy for tightening up the dist shaft's end play? Just pulled out my (original) Prestolite distributor. End play's at 45 thou. I'd like to reduce that a bit, get it down closer to 30 thou. I have read that GM/HEI shims might be the ones to use.

Also, on the base gasket/ring. My distributor has a rubber gasket, flat in profile (rectangular in x-section) 1.40" ID, 1.66" OD", 0.09" thick (give or take). I would like to use that style if they're available and someone knows a PN. I understand some people are just using large o-rings there. Not a terrible idea but I would prefer the original type.

Thanks in advance.
Too bad. No lathe in my garage. I envy people how have and know how to use them. I'm pretty much resigned to just buying what I need. Hence this thread.