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ScoutII 304 and 727 Transmission


Ok it is Christmas time and I am looking to move some parts out of the garage. I know guys like parts for Christmas because I do. I know they dont wrap well but all the same they are fun to get.

304 engine
I have a rebuildable 304 engine out of a 74 Scout II. I am selling it because the compression has dropped due to old rings. It has great oil pressure, not ticking lifters, heads seem to be good, just needs new rings and I am working on a bb mopar conversion so I dont need this motor any more. I am asking $250 for it. The way I figure it the parts are worth more than that considering it has a good distributor with new points and condenser, a 64 amp alternator, a fairly new waterpump, and a set of great valve covers. No carb. Check out the picture.

Scout 727 transmission
I have a 727 transmission out of a 75 Scout II 4x4. I pulled the pan and it was clean fluid, and the end play looks good. I have not ran it before but from what I see I would. I am asking $125 for the transmission obo.

dodge big block 727 torqueflite transmission
Also if you have the desire to build a big block dodge conversion or build a killer 727 transmission I have a big block mopar 727 transmission as well. This is a builder out of a motor home. It has 4 pinion planetaries, 4 friction clutch packs, 10 spring front clutch packs, all of which could make a bullet proof Scout transmission. I am asking $200 for it but make me an offer and I will probebly move on it.

392 non improve coolin heads
I also have a pair of 392 non improved cooling heads. They are in good shape. They do not have rockers on them but do have springs and valves. They appear to be in good shape but I have never ran them. I am asking $75 obo for the pair.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at jonsalter@seeleyins.com.

Items are located in lake of the pines California 95602




Ok so I need these gone pronto so I am cutting the prices down. If you dont feel they are resonable let me know and make an offer.

Engine $200
tranny $100
dodge bb tranny $175
392 heads $50

if you have questions please respond to jonsalter@seelyins.com



Jon, locate me a full size p.u. 727, flex plate and shims , starter shims carb kick down. Hope your fine happy new yr. Onward david


Sorry the only stuff I have is off this motor, and I just logged on to the forum to update this listing. The motor has sold and the starter and starter shims are going to go with it.

If you would like the flywheel I can pull it, make make me an offer and I will pull it off for you.