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Scout II Frame VS Jeep swap


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I have a 76 Scout II that I just started. First time working on any IH product. Wondering if the original frame is a good base to build off or if I should swap to the Jeep JK frame like I have read others have done. PROS vs CONS? I have also read that original frames have some cracking issues. I see there is really only one lift for the original frame and there are 100's for the jeep. Also putting an LS chevy in this during the restoration so I have to take that into consideration.
Depends what kind of money you want to spend. If you have access to a JK frame. It has to be cut down to match the wheelbase. And body mounts added.

Fuel location has to change most likely.

If the sky's the limit do what you want.

You could 3 or 4 link a Scout II with good axles and coil overs for what it would likely cost you to buy a JK frame that isn't totalled.

I did the IHPA SOA kit on my SII with reverse shackle.

There are quite a few options for scout lifts but the only true bolt on is a 2.5" or 4" leaf spring lift.

And of you're worried about bolt on then I don't think you could take on a frame stop.


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Winchested. I guess I'm looking for information on if the original frame is a solid foundation. I have looked at the D and C Extreme 4 link setup as well. I could do either the swap or 4 link and be happy. I can weld very well so I'm not scared of either. I read an article in 4wheeler about the scout II frame and where it has historically cracked. If I can just weld solid plate on those areas like depicted in the article and then it would be solid for a 4 link system I would be happy to hear that. I just wanted to get informed experience from other Scout owners since this is my first time owning a IH Scout and just have no idea. I have mainly worked on FORD and CHEVY products and a few JEEPS. I greatly appreciate the feedback! This helps. Have you noticed cracking or anything on your Scout? Anything I should know before starting this project?
The only cracking I have heard of was the steering box area which is normal on most old vehicles GMs especially. The other was the front rear spring hangers getting ripped off when hitting obsticals.

What I did was gusset all my body mounts and rear spring hangers with 1/4" plate triangles.

It's a fully boxed frame so as long as there isn't any rot in it I think it will be a solid foundation check all the welds and plate the steering box area.


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For the most part scout frames are a good starting platform. With a few pieces of plate welded in, in a few key areas, like between steering gear box and frame, for starters, it's not a bad setup

I walked away from this, on my own accord. The frame was fine. The only frame support that I did, was weld in 1/4" plate to the outside of the frame, from the front bumper cross member to a few inches past the steering box. I could have rebuilt that scout, from the frame up. But, insurance paid me out, with enough to keep it and purchase my 73 beast. Swapped most all the parts that I wanted to keep and sold the rest.


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Winchested, Scooter, Thank you!! If it can withstand that roll Im sure Ill be fine. I guess Ill go with the 4 link system then. easier to do.


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Any time.
At one point, I have thought of going 4 link and coil overs. But, I was happy with how the oem leaf springs flexed. A few months before I rolled that one, I drove it up to the Rubicon with another scout owner, and a couple other rigs. During the trial ride, stopping for lunch, the other scout owner mentioned that he was jealous as to how well my leaf sprung suspension flexed.