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that's pretty cool but I imagine a good chunck of change.
I think the total cost on a project like this needs to be kept in comparison with what you'd have to spend to get a new one....

I'd guess the product joel has re-built is close to the finch or falcon model that four wheel campers still offers. If you check the price of a new one you'll :yikes: :yikes:

four wheel campers finch - mid/mini size trucks

When I bought mine (for a steal on craigslist :p ) I just about died when I checked the prices on new ones. I can throw a lot of money at mine and still have a sweet camper at 10-20% of new.
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Good point, chris. They sure are spendy new....

Mine is a little longer than a finch... Kind of a cross between a finch and an eagle... Although they have found new ways to maximize space over the years.


The interior has come a long ways over the past few weeks.

I traveled around to all of missoula’s flooring stores and looked at their remnant linoleum and carpet supplies. After sorting through my options, I picked up a piece of each and spent a day installing it all.
interior lenolium.jpg
Finished edges
edge trim.jpg

I then routed the wiring around the inside of the camper to the battery box using household wiring channel.
wire channel.jpg

Placement for the batter box was a tough choice, but behind the wheel well is the only option that seems to work. A battery isolator is still a pay check or two away. I will be installing a bench/fold out bed next year similar to the ones used in newer four wheel campers so it will be hidden and not an eyesore.
battery box.jpg

Even if the wiring in this baby is relatively simple, it brought a smile to my face that everything functioned as planned from the start.

Faucet, roof lights and porch light all work.
porch light.jpg

It is the simple things that bring a man pleasure. No leaks from the copper tubing and hot coffee.

And I found this perfect rug to finish it off.
big look with rug.jpg

All just in time for the maiden voyage during archery season last weekend.

Getting ready
maiden voyage getting ready.jpg
At camp
parked at camp.jpg

When the road ended, we headed out on foot. No dead critters, but good country.
Joel Wisherd.jpg

A few more things to finish on the camper this fall, but I'm getting close to using this baby for what she's made for and picking up the projects again next summer. I'm sure you see that unfinished area under the cabinets - I'll get to it down the road...

Thanks again to Mike, my Dad, aaron, and john for all their help on this project – you guys really helped bring this thing back to life.
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That thing is awesome! Really nice job and attention to detail on everything. Funny how a guy can get such a kick outta the simple things like the lights working but when you do it all yourself and they come on with the first flip of the switch you can't help but tell yourself "hell yeah!!"...


Hello friends,

All things must come to an end, and you'll see in the classified section that I am selling this camper.

Here are a few final shots:


pass side 2.jpg

cover shot.jpg