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Scout 80 152 Motor Mount

I know you guys have parts not listed on the online store. I will need some motor mounts for my 152 soon so it can go back on the Scout 80 frame.

Any chance you have a pair laying around the shop? I am not looking for the original vulcanized rubber but possibly a better poly solution.

Michael Mayben

IHPA Tech Moderator - Retired & No Longer Online
Drew...the replacement mounts you are looking for carry p/n ssp 80/800 and are $55 each plus shipping.

Ya can call at 530-268-0864 to check availability and order, then Jeff or someone from ihon will deliver to ya at the Binder Bee...which saves the shipping costs!

Check your transmission mount system real carefully also, the two mount systems go hand-in-hand.
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Mike, my transmission mounts had some kind of degenerative disease and liquefied somewhere around 20 years ago (by the looks of them). I will need some of them as well.

Thanks for replying to my quandary. When I call the number I will ask them about tranny mounts.


Administrator & Owner
Staff member
I removed the Scout 80/800 4cyl motor mounts off the website a few month's ago after I sold the last set I had as they were discontinued. I'll have to ask Mike if he happens to have a pair still in stock. I have never been a fan of the poly replacement mounts as they are a pain to install.

Uncle's Scout

New member
I removed the Scout 80/800 4cyl motor mounts... Were discontinued. I have never been a fan of the poly replacement mounts as they are a pain to install.
Pain to install and transferred engine vibration. Any chance a rubber version would be produced someday? A boy can dream cant he?

Uncle's Scout

New member
Wow, Jeff, you really know how to make sweet talk to a man :gringrin:

be sure to post up when they do since I will be in line for that purchase.

Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
Maybe someone should ask the guy who makes them to build them with improved poly urethane instead of regular rubber?:gringrin: won't get the turn to liquid disease.:icon_eh: