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Rear inner axle seal

Hello I am currently rebuilding my 1979 Scout II from the bottom up and currently rebuilding the axles. I have ordered 2 kits, one was for a Master Differential rebuild, and the second was for axle shaft rebuild. Both came with inner rear axle seals, but the inner axle seals do not fit. They are 2.5" outer diameter seals and the inner diameter of the axle tubes are 2.25" with a 2.75" outer diameter. I have looked both online and this forum and only found that TJ Dana 44s did not have an inner seal because it relied on the diff fluid to lube the bearing and only came with an outer seal. Also on this forum from 2013 that a gent mentioned his dads axle didnt have an inner seal. If this is true it would explain why the seals I have do not fit. Does anyone know if this is true? And if it is true why did my kit come with the seals? One thing I should mention is my frame is from a 78 Scout. This May be why have this issue if there is a difference between the 79 and 78 axles. I didnt realize my axle came from a 78 when I ordered my parts. I noticed when I took the DOM off the tube and it shows the year for that tube only going to 78. Ill attach the picture of the DOM table. Also found out the frame is from a 78.


Is this a front or rear axle? The inner seals were deleted from rear axles about '73 IIRC.
Thank you for the reply, it was for the rear axle. I finished putting my axle together around the time I got your response so I was relieved I didnt have to go find new seals.


Just put a set of IHPA's Dutchman chromemolly axles in the back of my 75 Scout II, basically stock rear axle (D44 that came in the truck 3:54s, has fancy heavy duty Dana cover with extra fill and drain holes). My question is about the inner axle seals. My rear axle housing has inner and outer seals, both at the outer ends of the axle housing, that sandwich the axle's outer bearing, I'm thinking to keep axle grease separate from the differential oil. Do I need to pull the axles back out and remove the inner seals? Looks like the inner seal on the right side leaked, because the hi temp disc bearing grease I put in awhile back was more of a goo on that side.
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Did some digging through old posts, and looks like the inner seals stay. Anybody have a cross referenced part number for them? Would like to replace at least the leaky one on the right side. Parts manual calls out 348-848-C91

Default Re: Rear axle bearing inspection 1975 pickup Dana 44
I have heard that people remove an inner seal
The changeover Mike refers to occurred about 1977. There was a service letter, slm 77-2, that details the change deleting the inner seal. It specifically sez that if the axle has an inner seal, to replace it during maintenance, not to do away with it. Those axles that have no seal have no counterbore for one, and the lube channels were changed to allow diff oil to get to the wheel bearings.


well, interesting discussion:

I am in the process of re-doing my rear axle on a 1977 SII, 4cyl, 1bbl, 4spd, D20 with 4.09 open gears. Was checking the brakes and pulled the axlew shafts to check if the bearings were "wet". I have a 1979 and 1979 SII, but both do not have the inner seal referenced in this thread. The 77 does though.

I was thinking of pulling the inner seals when changing out the bearings, and my question is: there is discussion about how the service letter (77) did away with the inner seals. Is the axle tube itself different inside than a 78 or 79? if I take out the inner seal, won't the bearings get wet with axle gear oil anyway? the axle tubes look the same from 77, 78, 79. please let me know as I am holding off on this project until I get confirmation.
Delete the seals and lube the bearings with the gear oil. You will have to put more oil in the housing to fill the tubes. There is no difference in the axles.


I'd replace the seals since your housing does have a counter bore for them. Trusting the diff lube to keep the bearings properly quenched isn't the way to go in my experience. How clean do you think the inside of a 40 year old axle housing is? Not very. The best way to prolong wheel bearing life is to see that they are well packed with grease and protected from dirt, rust and grit contamination. The IH decision to delete the inner seal was not one of their better ones and was most likely inspired by cost reduction efforts more than anything else.