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O2 bung, best location.

With the hamilton fuel injection kit, where is the best location for an o2 bung. I am getting an exhaust r & r after new years. I have a weld in bung, just not sure where it needs to go. Also, any preference on mufflers, with the efi.

Bill USN-1

F.I. Moderator
I put mine in the header pipe. That straight section just below the manifold before it sweeps back.
The idea is to keep it close to the manifold.
But the location isn't critical.
You can go back about 18-20' and not real affect anything.
You don't want to put it back behind the y pipe or way back behind headers.
The farther back the cooler the gases get and the sensor needs the heat to operate correctly.
That's why they make 3 wire and 4 wire sensors with built in heaters.


Active member
I'm currently using a sg13 1 wire narrow band sensor. It's installed just past the collector on the 4 into 1 header. It works fine there although it needs 600f to keep working and it does cool down after idling for a while.
Thanks. I did not know those things needed to be that hot, and now I know why the extra wires are on one of my other trucks. I think I will put it on the drivers side. More room and no starter heat shield in the way.