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Newbie Engine Rebuild - the "Oh S%#!" Stage


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Well I am probably at the point where some other newbie's have found themselves...the "oh s$%! what did I get myself into" stage. I have wanted a Scout for a long time, found one I could afford, did some research, bought it. Once I got it, I decided to try my first engine rebuild. Bought the manual and parts catalog, did some more research, and started breaking her down. My son and I have really enjoyed that part and have learned a lot. The motor is pretty much stripped at this point. So now I come to the first major lesson I learned...tearing it down is the easy part. As I stand in my garage looking at the the sea of engine parts (actually all organized, labelled, bolts in baggies, photos taken) I am stuck with the realization that I do not have the knowledge to determine what I should replace, what I should clean up and reuse, etc. I plan on doing more research here and getting it figured out. If there is one thing for certain, we will see this thing through to the end...come hell or high water. My question that I was hoping someone could answer (so I can get some parts ordered) is what, if anything, would you automatically replace if you have your engine completely torn down, besides all of the gaskets? Is there anything I should replace just to be safe? I have posted some pictures if anyone wants to check them out and give me your opinions.

Thanks for your time and understanding. I don't normally admit I need help...I feel like I'm baring my soul here!!

Here is what I am working on:
1963 Scout 80 4x4
152 4 cylinder engine
T-90 Warner 3 speed manual transmission
Dana 27 front axle
Dana 44 w/ Power Lok rear axle
10" 6 spring clutch
SI-52 Ross steering

For an idea of how a project just like this progresses, you can check out my thread ("Limited disassembly of a 1980 IC 196") which begins where you are now. The only real differences in our engines are the contoured pistons and early welded style rocker arms. You can still get the contoured pistons, and the early rocker arms can be changed out for the later style if needed. The steps are the same. BTW, this was the second 196 I rebuilt. My first one put me in exactly the same place you are at - a novice with a pile of parts, a service manual, and "what have I done?". My first effort was okay, but the second was a charm.
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if it was me, i would replace rings and lifters and push rods and bearings for sure. hone the cylinders.

inspect valves, springs, rockers, clutch

think of it this way, its all apart now, great time to replace as much as you can


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What are your plans for this Scout? You will need a machine shop to inspect the cylinders and crank to see if they are in spec. The rest of my answer is based on your answer.


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What are your plans for this Scout? You will need a machine shop to inspect the cylinders and crank to see if they are in spec. The rest of my answer is based on your answer.
Thanks for the reply FDChappie. Ultimately my plan is to make it a daily driver, but for short trips around town. No off road. I really want to make the engine as dependable as possible, I don’t want to have to tear it back down 6 months from now. However I have to be realistic financially, so I am trying to use what I can that is original, but willing to replace what needs to be replaced or what would make sense to replace since it is completely torn down right now.


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What are your plans for this Scout? You will need a machine shop to inspect the cylinders and crank to see if they are in spec. The rest of my answer is based on your answer.
Also, I’m looking for a dependable machine shop in my area. Don’t want to take it to just anyone, hopefully I can find someone with some experience with Scouts.


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Ok, then plan on a new or reground cam & lifters, cam gears, oil pump, cam bearings and what ever else the machinist says you need for the short block. Bring him the assembled head for inspection too, they will tell you what is worn out and needing replacement. Expect to replace exhaust valves and guides. Have them use umbrella seals on the valve stems.


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You will probably be able to disassemble the rocker shaft for cleaning and inspection. Plan on a new clutch, pressure plate, throw out and pilot bearing too.