Newbie- 1971 Scout 800b Anniversary Gift


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My name is Charlotte, I am an avid adventurer, baseball cap, get dirty kind of gal! Of course outside of my executive job at the VA. I worked in the automotive industry (Brakes/Tires/Suspension) during my 20s/30s as a sales rep for Michelin, BFG and Goodyear. I loved every aspect of that job!! My husband acknowledged that the garage may own his tools but I will master it, hence the Anniversary gift '71 Scout.

Safety is always first so...where do I start? The Yeti runs, in project mode so I'd like to start with a brake disc conversion F/R with a power booster. Thoughts? Yes I can turn a wrench or two. Completed a 4in Metalcloak lift in the garage on my Rubicon, 37 in beadlocks, gear change, etc.

I'm ready!!!!
This forum is sponsored by a great store (IHPA). Check out their kits for brakes and steering (if not already power steering). Also, there are may in-house builds with great pics and descriptions. You have landed at a great starting point to take your project as far as you want.
Keep us posted. We all love pics!


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Thanks! Yes it has a PSC power steering box. I'll check out the store. The guy gave me a new powebr boster and mentioned to put it near the battery wall left side. I want to say he said it crossed over from a ford? I'll have to research the cross over items. Guess I should start with a manual and inventory what needs to be replaced.