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I just finished hooking up the last connection for my afi system. Tried starting it & cannot keep it running right. I finally got it timed to 0 degrees with it sputtering the whole time. I plug back in the wire so that the ECM can take control of timing, turn off & back on & it wont stay running. If I disconnect from battery to clear errors & try again, timing seems completely different. I have not been able to keep this thing running for more than 20 seconds without my foot on the gas.

Btw: I have checked for vacuum leaks, have not checked fuel pressure because I do not have a gauge.
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Knowing the fuel pressure would help.

Afi has recently discovered and informed me that on some systems(including their systems for Ford and GM engines) that were shipped out the orange and purple wires going from the distributor to the hei module May need to be switched if a timming problem occurs. Check the wires going to the hei module and make sure that the purple wire is on the terminal marked with the letter 'n' and that the orange wire is on terminal 'p'.


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I switched those wires around & that helped me get the timing set to 0, but it still barely runs for a few seconds then dies. Even after plugging back in the blue wire to allow ECM to control spark & timing.
Hooked up a fuel gauge right before the tb using a mr gasket fuel pressure gauge adapter (#2975). It is only measuring 12 psi with all new 3/8 steel line for the supply & then used 3/8 fuel injection hose to attach to the pump, filter & tank. For the return, I used the existing plastic line that ran from the charcoal canister & hooked it up to the evaporator canister port on the gas tank.
Edit: I removed the line that vents the fill tube into the tank & placed my return on that port to see if it would make a difference. No.
I have until Friday to get this thing ready for the truck show here in carlisle pa & I haven't even started cleaning it or making it pretty yet.
Someone please help.
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There's cross posting of the same info on here and on the bb.

I answered some on the bb and others have contributed.

My personal concern is getting too deep in troubleshooting when this is a new afi system.

You don't want to cause more damage then you fix.

Your fuel looks a liitle Rich and May need a chip adjustment but you need to drive and log data for at least 30min to get a good avg to see where it is.
The knock won't mean anything since afi does not install the knock sensor unless you ask for it.


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I have been working with andy & norm @ afi. They shipped me out a new chip and injector pod. Works much better now.
Thank you to all that helped.