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My Barrel rolled 74


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Not to continue in highjacking the other thread, I figured I start this one.

Thanks for the concerns. And a big thank you to all who helped out during the recovery. I'm lucky and fortunate to be able to walk away from the scene with only a couple cuts on my hands. Gonna be a story to tell for a long time to come.

Unfortunately, this rig was my only running vehicle and was used as a daily driver. Which means that I'm back to taking public transpo. Not so bad, since I have already been taking bart to and from work - so no big deal there. And, it's looking like my insurance May deem my 74 a total loss. Which, also means that I May be looking into getting something as a replacement, that I can drive around in. I've already got my other Scout as a project, and I'm not sure if I want another project rig just to get me driving once again.

Also, my 72 Scout II is so far from being driveable at the moment. And stuck on financial hold for now. The list is roughly a mile long with things that need to be done in order to get it safe enough to be rolling.

As been suggested before, regarding my barrel rolled 74, there is an option of turning it into a buggy built Scout. But my only draw back is that I don't have a trailer or a tow vehicle to transport the buggied Scout, since I don't think it wouldn't be street legal. There's also the option of doing a body swap. But for now, it's a little too soon to tell yet. I will find out more by next week regarding what my insurance will be doing. They might just fork out fair market value minus some of the upgrades I had put into it.



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So far, as expected, it's looken like insurance will be deeming my 74 a total loss. Hopefully I should know more towards the end of the week. But with the holliday coming up, they just maybe stuck on slug for another week or two.


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For those of you just tuning in, a group of us had a trip down in hollister during the weekend of November 12-13. Mid afternoon, 3 of us decided to make one last trail run for the evening. I was trailing behind the other two scouts when we came upon this one real steep muddy trail. My Scout started struggling badly. Motor kept stalling and my transmission felt like it was slipping and the trans temp was hitting 240* or more. At one point I slide backwards and my rear tires slid to the right towards the hill and sat in a rut, causeing my front tires to slide to the left. While sliding sideways down hill both my tires on the driver side poped the beeds and the rims dug in which started the barrel roll. As cheese put it, it was "one pissed off truck". Cause while we were putting out the fire at the carb, the front diff was pissing out air from probably the air hose for the ARB causing the air compressore to kick on and off every few seconds. Sorry, but I'm gonna post photos that cheese posted previousely, since my phone camera aint that good

After that mess, I sure do have a lot to be thankfull for at the moment. Especially since I walked away from that on my own accord, vertually unscathed. Just a couple of scratches on my hands.


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Since insurance deemed my 74 a total loss, they sent me a check, minus the 500 deductable, for $3,282 and change. Which is that much more than I actually paid for the Scout(free to me). Except for the time I spent working on it. And I'm able to keep it. That way I can use what good parts on it for the next project.

In the mean time, I'm in search of another vehicle to drive


Fixable.....we have trucks in our club that look worse and are still driven on the street. Little front end parts and a windshield frame and glass, as long as the drivetrain didnt take a hit.


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that's a pretty bad rollover to tear off both front and rear bumpers...
Well, I didn't have either bumper mounted at the time. I was in middle of fabing up a front mount plate/bumper to hold my warn 9.5ti winch, which I took off before this happened

other than that it was like a roller coaster in some ways. Now I know how a gumball feals


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After seeing the pictures im glad no ones hurt, good thing for that roll bar huh? Lol funny that place looks like a local place called colsen canyon has a spot with hill climbs that looks exactly like your pic #1. Anyway glad all is well


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ouch brotha! Yeah, definitely glad you had a cage and walked away from that!
Thanks bro. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have walked away from that virtually unscathed on my own. Asking, a big thanks goes out to those who helped out.