• To ALL forum users - As of late I have been getting quite a few private messages with questions about build ups here on the forum, or tech questions about your personal project. While I appreciate the interest, sending me a private message about these topics distracts from, and undermines the purpose of having a forum here. During the day I wear many hats as a small business owner-operator and I work tirelessly to provide the absolute best service possible to you, our valued customer. When I created this forum I rounded up some of the best minds I knew so that any tech question you might have could be asked and answered by either myself or one of my highly experienced moderators, this way the next time this same question is asked the answer can be easily found and utilized by the next IH enthusiast having the same question. This allows me the freedom to run the day to day operations of the business and minimize the impact to shipments and shop activities that these distractions can cause. It is of the up most importance for me to complete the daily tasks in order to best take care of you our customer, all the while providing you a forum to get the level advice and input you have come to expect and deserve from the premier IH shop in the country.

    So with that I ask that anyone with a question about one of our build ups or a general tech question to please use the forum as it was intended. I am absolutely available by telephone to answer your questions as well but at times may direct you back to our website to better field your question or questions. Most other private messages I will be glad to answer for you.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Jeff Ismail

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Hey everyone. Great forum. There is a ton of excellent info here! Just a little background...just bought a '63 Scout 80 a few weeks ago. Finally got the motor pulled and am starting to tear it down. I recently received my LST which is very cool. I have been able to decipher most of the info, but had a couple questions I was wondering if someone could answer. First, any idea why there is no build or shipping dates listed on it? Wasn't sure if this is common. The chassis inspection card is signed and dated 6/18/63 so I'm confident it is in fact a 1963 model. My other question has to do with the last line that states "Prototype 4x4 #51." I've found a little info on this but I'm still not clear on what it means. So far I've determined that my 152 engine must have been switched out at some point bc the serial numbers don't match up, but no big deal. Also if you see anything else on the LST that jumps out at you please let me know!. Thank you all!



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Most of the LST's from around this era only had the dates on the second sheet as you've already posted. Yes it is a 1963 model year. The "Prototype 4x4 #51." was simply IH internal language to know that this was a common IH build using a certain set of standards. Otherwise nothing else stands out to me but I am not the best at reading these.


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Sounds good Jeff. Thanks for the quick response. I look forward to researching the forum more and bringing this old girl back to life. This will be my first so I will be utilizing the great info found here. Thanks again.