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IHPA Closed due to Power Outages


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Due to wide spread power outages from our power company Pacific Gas & Electric shutting off the grid for safety reasons, IHPA will be closed until further notice. This outage could last several days and without power our phone system and computers will be inoperable and thus no parts orders will be able to be processed. We apologize for any and all delays and will return back to work as soon as we get our power back on. California- the newest third world country!


I heard they were calling the shutdowns "best practice," but don't recall they have ever done this previously (may have missed it, I'm on the opposite coast). Lawsuits/money are very motivating!
guess that's how they are going to get the carbon credits.....or finally get off the grid.....bet solar panels will sell like hot cakes...got wind?...or any other hippy thing you can think of


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Wow! I'm sure PG&E will be compensating folks for lost business due to the outages.:prrr:
I doubt very seriously that will ever happen. Unless some kind of law suite against PG&E is filed. They already rape us with thier over priced crap services. Then they turn around and tell ya to bend over to take it up the wh@zoo and like it, while they shut the power off


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The manufactured electric crisis is over! Our power just came back on at IHPA minutes after getting a back up generator hooked up. Still have no internet but hopefully that will be back up soon. We do have phones back on. We thank you for your patience. It will take us a day or two to get caught up but we will work as late as possible and tomorrow to get caught up.