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IH Distributor I.D. - Pertronix/Points Buyers Guide


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With all the different types of distributors IH used, this makes it very confusing when time comes to order parts for it. This guide should help you through the identification process.

There are 3 main distributors IH used in their SV line of engines, HOLLEY, PRESTOLITE, and DELCO. Refer to the picture below.

Obviously we can see some clear distinguishing factors that make each unit unique. To the left we have the DELCO unit, it is the only distributor that is made out of cast iron. It also have a grease tube located on it to make serviceability easier. In the middle we have the PRESTOLITE unit, just like the Holley to the right, they are both made of aluminium. The Prestolite has a square snout with a longer cylindrical points housing unit. To the far right we have the HOLLEY unit, distinctively the body and shape of this unit sets it apart from the other with a simple glance.

Here is a quick glance at the rotor styles each of these units had.

Different types of caps (not all variations are listed but you should get the point).

The picture below will help you figure out what points set you have in your distributor. For starters, Holley had (THREE) types of points units internally, Holley Straight, Holley Curved, and an electronic pickup version (Holley Gold Box). Obviously if your Holley Distributor does not have any of the two points units pictured below, you will have the electronic pickup version. For the Prestolite, there were two styles, the points version and the electronic version. Like the Holley unit was previously described, if your distributor doesn't have a mechanical points device in it and has a few wires coming out of it, you most likely have a electronic version. The electronic version was more commonly used. As for the Delco unit, there was only one style.


Example of a Electronic version of a Holley

Example of a Prestolite electronic version.

Let's look at the differences in the Vacuum Advanced units. You can obviously see a clear difference between the two. If you have a Holley Vacuum advanced you must take a closer look at the unit to ensure it is for a straight point dist. or curved.

"Well, how am I supposed to know the difference?" Refer to the photo below. If you look at the arm on the vacuum advanced, you will see a number stamped into it, 3*, 5*, 7*.... That number will tell you what degree you will need or have. Most units had a 5* unit.


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Going off your description, it looks like I have a holley distributer with straight points and a curved vacuum advance, does that sound right? Would that mean i need the pertonix for the straight points or for the curved points?



Future Owner of IH Parts America
Going off your description, it looks like I have a holley distributer with straight points and a curved vacuum advance, does that sound right? Would that mean i need the pertonix for the straight points or for the curved points?
I'm not sure how you came to a conclusion that you have a straight points distributor with a curved vacuum advanced. Your pictures indicate a standard Holley Curved Points distributor. I would recommend reading the article again as you may have missed some information.