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Identify Part


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Can anyone tell me what this part is? It attaches to the rear of the intake manifold on a 1970 Scout 800B with a 304 V8. It has a line that goes to the charcoal canister and a line that goes to the transmission.



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Thank you for your help. As you can see from the one picture it's broken. I've searched for a replacement, but haven't found one. Is there a way to find one or an alternative?

Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
Since there are literally thousands of different vacuum tree possibilities, you would be best to build one out of pipe fittings to suit your configuration. Personally I like brass fittings but any material will do (no plastic). The shape is not important so long as you have the right size and number of ports that are accessible.


Here is what I would do if this was on my truck:

1. remove the remains of the threaded portion from the intake manifold and chase those threads in the manifold.

2. get a pipe thread tool for the size of that pipe and continue the thread up the pipe until it has a proper length of thread.

3. Install in the manifold.


You need to be careful and do your best to get any metal chips created in the removal process from going into the engine, this is a vacuum port, and any debris will get sucked into the intake where it can create havoc. I would soak the remaining threads with Liquid Wrench, Kroil, or similar product before trying to remove the broken off peice. You should use this stuff on any old rusty crusty parts or bolts before tying to get them out, preferably letting them soak overnight. If it absolutely refuses to come out, you may be able to drill and tap it going down to 1/8 NPT from the current 1/4, then install a longer nipple and a tee for the two vacuum fittings used. When the repair is complete, spray some carb cleaner, starting fluid, or similar stuff around the threads while the engine is idling, and listen for a change in RPM indicating a vacuum leak.