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How to Use WinALDL in Windows 10


Future Owner of IH Parts America
After hours of trial and error trying to get this ancient program to work on the latest version of windows, I finally got it to work.
So first you have to download the program of course.
http://winaldl.joby.se/ - I used this link and it was virus free. But of course bill hamilton's fuel injection kit comes with the software cd. Then open it.
It should say this prompt. (note, it May say for example com 3, com 4....etc)

What that means is that the program is not getting the signal.
You can open it but it won't read any signals. So this is where most people just give up. But there is a way.
Click on the windows icon and type in ,"device manager." and click on the program. This should be the window you should see.

Then find the tab that says "universal serial bus converters." make sure the ECM is connected to the computer Other wise you will not find what you are looking for.

Serial is just like a old version of a usb. Using 9 pins and looks like the end of a vga cable. We are going to be modifying the driver to suit what we are doing. Because 3 signals need to be converted to two wires. (I am going to be showing you two different scenarios that May pop up on your computer, because it depends on what version of windows 10 you have, so bare with me)
so find the part where it says, "usb serial converter." or something along those lines. And right click on the text and go to properties.
This is what it will look like* **mine says it is working fine because I fixed it so ignore that, but sometimes it says it is working fine but it isn't....:crazy: windows 10 is just weird....

So this is that part where every thing goes haywire. I've tried this on two different windows 10 pc's and two different things happened. When you go to properties, it has different tabs listed such as port setting and etc. So the deal is, if the computer "thinks" the device is working properly, it wont list that tab because it doesn't wan't you to mess with it per say.
But anyway, click on details and it the description of the driver should say,"usb serial converter." if not change it.

Then go to advanced and and check "load vcp."

Click ok.
And it should work.
And it May show these tabs on some computers, ignore the different format, its all the same.

And this is what it looks like if it has the advanced tab. Change all parameters to what you see on the screen.

Then you should be able to log data.

If anyone else has anything else to add, please chime in. It is really hard to explain this because I would try one day and it would not work and then one day it just worked. Be patient with this. With patience comes reward.


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Bill USN-1

F.I. Moderator
Just a little feed back on this.
I upgraded one of my win7 laptops to win10 just to see if it would work.
What I found is that I did not require to do anything other then as specifically noted in my Data logging instructions guide included with the kit.

The important things to note.
Winaldl must be installed directly to the C: drive and must not be allowed to load to the default directory.

Next, the driver is loaded.
You must NOT have any wifi adapter to be turned on or have access to the internet. Even if you do not have IE or Chrome or mozilla open. Your lap top must not have access to a wifi connection.

Then pick a specific USB port on the laptop you plan to use. DO NOT switch USB ports if you have wifi available!
Plug in the cable and when you see the icon at the bottom of the screen telling you it's loading the driver, click on it and it will give you the status and will tell you what and to which comport it is loading.
Ie: prolific serial adapter on com 6.
Once done it May have you restart the laptop.

Now open winaldl
Select configuration
toggle com port to match the port assigned
you should get an OK in the box.

Turn key on and you should get a box on the main screen with a blinking green 20 in it.

If not, toggle the com port number up and then back down to the correct port so the program can resync the data signal.

Follow the rest of the data logging instructions and go for a nice long drive.
Hit save table at the bottom of the BLM tab about every 10-15min just to be safe in case the laptop goes to sleep if you forgot to disable sleep mode!

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Anyone know where the files save to in windows 10? I log the files and it says file created but not sure where to find it. Any help is appreciated. thanks:confused5:

Bill USN-1

F.I. Moderator
I don't think you read my above post or the directions that are provided with my cable.
Or you aren't using my cable.
As noted above:
The important things to note.
Winaldl must be installed directly to the C: drive and must not be allowed to load to the default directory.
In my data logging instructions it specifically notes that when the install window pops up it ask you where you want it installed and the default is filled in for you.
Most just simply click "OK" and let's windows install it.
You need to type in C:/winaldl
That way the program will install directly to a folder on the C: drive and all files will be saved in the same directory.