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How to Replace holly gold box with pertronix electronic ignition.


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I have:
🔹1975 Scout II 4x4
🔹holly distributor
🔹holly gold box
🔻no ballast resistor

🚛 I don't understand how to wire up the pertronix electronic ignition. I know that the pertronix black wire goes to the negative and the red wire goes to the positive on the coil; however, I do not know how to wire the rest (ignition wire, vacuum advance wire). I need to know how to connect the wires after I take out the gold box.

🚚 I have three wires coming of the positive side of the coil.
1. Wire going to the capacitor- that's mounted on top the coil
2. Wire going to fire wall—I think that's the ignition wire?
3. Red wire coming from the pertronix electronic ignition

I have one wire on the negative side of the coil
1. Black wire from pertronix electronic ignition

❓I'm not sure about the vacuem advance wires?

Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
I don't know which pertronix you have so I gave you the
ignitor II and iii instructions that I got directly from the pertronix site.

The wire coming through the firewall and going to the + side of the coil is what they refer to as the ignition wire. It is switch to +12 volts when the ignition switch is in run.

The capacitor out side of the distributor is for radio noise reduction and should be removed and discarded when you install any aftermarket ignition product unless they specifically tell you it is ok to leave it.

The vacuum advance does not use a wire. It has a vacuum hose that is hooked to the advance port either on the carb or manifold.

View attachment 7HO-181.pdf

View attachment 9HO-181.pdf
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Robert Kenney

Super Moderator
The ignitor is not listed on the pertronix site but to answer your ballast question, the Holley gold box IH system did not have a resistance wire or ballast. The wire from the firewall that went to the + coil terminal is the ignition wire and non resistance.

I have to assume you have the pertronix instruction sheet. It will outline in detail how it hooks up. Since I do not have the sheet I can not post it. If you do have it please post it or acquire a copy and post that. Then we can help you better then is necessary.

The ho-181 is specific for the gold box system

you basically have it correct.
pertronix red - to + coil term
pertronix black - to - coil term
eliminate condenser and it's connection from coil

ignition wire to + coil term (# 16-16 on this schematic page 4) http://forums.IHPartsAmerica.com/at...-schematic-library-74_77-sii-basic-wiring.pdf
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Hey Robert sorry to dig up an old thread but I had a question on the gold box replacement and pertronix HO-181 install and cant seem to find this question answered. My vehicle is a 75 Scout 2 345 auto - I know the original 16-16 wire goes to the positive (+) side of the coil. Do I cut the 16D-16 (that used to go to gold box) and wire it directly to the negative (-) side of the coil? And the pertronix wires black to negative terminal (-)with 16D-16 wire and the red to positive (+) terminal with 16-16 wire?



You need the ignition feed to coil POS and then you need the module connected appropriately to both coil terminals. That should be it.