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how to determine if its the Master cylinder or the proportioning valve.......78 traveler


New member
The brake pedal went to the floor the other day and lost brake pedal pressure. Came home and went through the rear brakes and front brakes looking for leaks, looked near the booster and master cylinder, proportioning valve and the front splitter to the front disc brakes. NO brake fluid leaking anywhere and the master cylinder reservoir is full still. The front brake lines (both are cleared), the lines are cleared and all bolts with ports are cleared.
So...... Master cylinder or proportioning valve, how do i determine which is the culprit without buying both? I have tried to bleed the brakes and the brake pedal still wont hold pressure.

any ideas?


Master cylinders go bad. Valves not so often. I recommend against replacement with a remanufactured unit. Pony up for a truly new MC.