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High Schoolers Budget Custom Scout II Build


Future Owner of IH Parts America
Here is the start to my full frame off budget minded "resto-mod" 1976 Scout II Terra build. This Scout came with no axles and sat in a field sitting on the leafsprings for a long time.

This Scout came with a 304, T19 Close, and Dana 20. I won't be using any of that.

I plan on rebuilding a 345 mated to a NV4500 and a NP241. SOA (Spring Over Axle) conversion. Will be using a 74/75' Pickup/Travelall front Dana 44 (will be narrowed and turned of course). Rear will be a plain-jain 44. Hydra-boost brakes, lockers....etc...

The frame was very tweaked. The front main cross-member was smashed and the rear cross-member was buckled and twisted. Right rear end cap smashed. All of which will be fixed and repaired.

What it looked like on the trailer. Fairly straight body. Minus the back section. Even had the cool winch bumper.

Unloading it proved to be a challenge since it lacked tires.

Sketchy jack stand operation.

Tear down operation, of course it rained non-stop throughout the whole teardown.



Future Owner of IH Parts America
I'm thinking 37's or 35's but I have a long ways to go before I decide....

Fast forward, body is all stripped and frame is removed. I didn't take pics of the busted frame but the rear cross-member basically fell off. I ended up making a new one.

Body is off, frame sits besides it. I wire-wheeled the whole frame, then went over with a portable sand blaster and blasted the parts I couldn't wire wheel.

I didn't take a picture of the damaged rear cross-member but here is the new one I made.

Cross-member welded into place, way stronger than a factory one.

Now, the front cross-member was completely smashed, I was so involved in that process that I didn't take any pictures. You can still see some ripples in the front but that was the best I could do. I cut off the front spring hangers and the rears, as I am doing reverse shackle.

Fresh coat of primer, followed by some black paint.

Tacked in the front spring hangers....



Future Owner of IH Parts America
Getting the suspension mocked up so I can have at least a rolling frame. I converted the rear Dana 44 to SOA by simply cutting off the perches and welding them on the opposite side, they are only tacked in for final placement later.

We sell these spring perches on the store....

Axle bolted in, CPT 6" shackles, u-bolt plates and u-bolts. The leaf-springs are used vintage 2.5" Rancho lift-springs. They were in good condition, just painted and put new bushings in them.

This is a front Dana 44 out of a 74/75' Pickup/T-All. This axle is already setup for SOA. Will need to narrow and cut-and-turn the axle, but for now it will be fine for rolling around.

I got a NP241C from a buddy for basically free so I rebuilt it. Got new bearings, chain, seals and a Tom Woods SYE kit. The SYE kit consists of a shorter output shaft, eliminating the slip-yoke allowing for a modern flange to be used. Also installed a 23 spline input shaft so it will mate with my NV4500. If you do this, get a Dodge NP241, it will save you $ on a clocking ring as the bolt pattern spacing is WAY different.

Original internals...

Complete rebuilt unit...



Future Owner of IH Parts America
I've done hundreds of more hours of work on this Scout just haven't had the time to update the thread!

I am using a NV4500 in this build so here are some pictures of the reseal process and adapter installation.

Here is the used unit. Dirty fresh from a 1993 Dodge 5.9.

This is the installation of the new input shaft in order to be used with the IH engine. Simply use a bearing puller and remove the bearing off of the old input shaft and press it on the new shaft. You have to enlarge the hole on the bearing retainer to fit the new shaft then bolt it all up.

Took it apart and cleaned all the junk off of it. Everything internally looked great so it was resealed.

The adapter is all installed with the new throw out bearing collar.



Future Owner of IH Parts America
Clocking the T-Case and making the cross-member.

Since I was adapting a Dodge NV4500 to a Chevy NP241C the clocking pattern was far off. An Atlas clocking ring was used and works as long as you drill one extra hole in the rear tail housing.

Made the cross-member with a notch in it so the drive line can clear with the lift and such.




Future Owner of IH Parts America
345 Rebuild! The original engine in the Scout was a 304.

Acquired a 345 that had been rebuilt before but was in pieces and tossed in boxes. Had .020" over pistons with .010" under mains. Plasti-gauge proved the bearing clearances were in tolerance so I proceeded with the build.

Some general pictures I took during the rebuild.




Future Owner of IH Parts America
beautiful work !
carb or fuel injection for the engine ?

are those my old Ranch 2.5 inch springs ?

The engine is getting a Hamilton Fuel Injection System.

The springs are to what I believe 4 inch Rancho springs that were laying in the dirt.


Excellent build and great detail. Glad you stuck with an international power plant. I got zero speeding tickets in High School and I can guarantee you that it was because of my poorly tuned 304. I love the fuel injected 345 I’m running now and it turns my 35’s with ease.