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header gasket quality!


Just purchased two of your header gaskets. WOW! they do work!. NO EXHAUST LEAKS at all. One caveat though: they look to be only good for one use. You cannot reuse them as they "stick" to the headers and have to be scraped off. When I tried to scrape the off (very carefully) they would break apart. Not a problem, but I was not expecting the gasket to be so good at sealing. Wish I could reuse them. Would it be something IHPARTS should state on the product page?

Thank you.


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That's the caveat of that style of header gasket. Given the material type they are made of, the gaskets have to subdue countless heat cycles eventually sticking to the block or header mounting surface (as most other gaskets on an engine).


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I made a set of copper header gaskets from 3/4" soft copper tube 25 years ago, they have been off several times and they are still working great. When reinstalled the do leak a bit, however after a few good heat cycles they seal right back up. The post about how to make them is probably still here on the board.


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No pics from 25 years ago. The process goes like this, straighten tube and cut to same length as metal gasket. Slit tube up the side with a hack saw, then flatten. Using metal gasket as a template center aligning the bottom of the gasket to the copper sheet, punch bolt holes and corners of exhaust ports. Drill hoes 3/8" and cut between hoes for ports. Put over hang up and bend it to act as a heat shield like the old metal ones and you are golden.