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Ground Locations for Scout II


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Hey everyone,
Brand new to this forum, decided to join after not being able to find answers to some of the questions I have on my Scout. I'm currently working on a 1977 Scout II with the 304 and 727 automatic that was sitting in a field for 22 years with it's top off, and I've come across a few problems that I've been stuck on for a few weeks now. The most glaring issue I'm having right now is with the electronics. I have no headlights, taillights, turn signals, or dash lights, and the brand new ignition switch that I just put in does absolutely nothing, which is making me have to run it off of a few wires from the starter and coil to the battery. I've checked all the wiring, cleaned all connections and firewall connections, and cleaned the fuse panel and replaced all the fuses, still no power anywhere. The only thing I can think of now is the grounds, which I have no idea where they are. The singular ground I can find is the battery ground, which connects to the radiator support. I've been underneath, looked for grounds on the block, frame, and body, but can't find any of them. Where are they?
Thank you,


The Scout II battery ground should be on a cylinder head bolt, left side cylinder head. One bolt should have an extended stud where you attach the Negative (-) battery cable end to with a washer and nut.


I would start with a volt meter or a 12VDC test light. You will need one or the other to work on the beast. Find out where you are loosing the battery voltage. I would have to look at a wiring diagram, but recall there being a fusible link somewhere in the engine compartment. The fuse panels also get some weird grey oxidation on them such that you can have voltage on one side of a good fuse and nothing on the other side when looking at the spring clips that hold the fuses. Again need some kind of voltage indicating device.