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GM Injector#/application/flow rate


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GM TBI Injector#/application/flow rate

I found this chart useful.
TBI throttle body and injector information ( link)
these injectors are rated at the pressure used by the factory, about 13 psi
engine | bore ~~~|FI color| flow ~~~| part #
2.8l~~ | 1-3/8 ~~|blk/wht |33 lb/hr |gm5235430*rpd
4.3l~~ | 1-11/16 |yel/blu |45 lb/hr |gm5235203*rpd
5.0l~~ | 1-11/16 |grn/wht |40 lb/hr |gm5235279*rpd
5.7l~~ | 1-11/16 |orn/blk |55 lb/hr |gm5235206*rpd
cop car
5.7l ~~|1-11/16 ~|yel/brn |65 lb/hr |17084327-acr
late big block pickup
7.4l ~~| 2" ~~~~~|blu/blk |80 lb/hr |gm1708430*rpd
big block pickup
7.4l ~~|2"|drk red/drk blu|90 lb/hr|gm5235231*rpd

edit... Bill this is what I found for flow rate, seems odd the 4.6 is higher then the 5.0
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Bill USN-1

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Thanks for the info.

Here's the flow rate listed for the sbc tb. From flow tests 1.0

stock 4.3/5.0/5.7 2bbl TBI complete -- 574.1 cfm (dry)
stock 4.3/5.0/5.7 2bbl TBI w/o injectors -- 584.7 cfm
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Bill USN-1

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When trying to determine injector size and flow rates and bpw and changes in fuel pressure...

Here's a couple math spreadsheets that allow you to punch in the variables to see what size injector at what psi will produce a support a specific hp and will calc the bpw for you. The bsfc is the real variable in debate for a stock IH motor.
injector sizing
The ms manual also has it all laid out.
ms injector info