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Fuel Injection High Idle in Hot Weather


What can cause high idle in hot weather?

I have Affordable Fuel Injection sold here before Hamilton FI; IH 345/auto and aluminum intake and stan's headers. Recommended Robert Shaw thermostat, can't remember the thermostat opening temp.

Just made my annual trip to Colorado for 4 wheeling:)

No problem on the whole trip UNTIL driving home across Nebraska and Iowa it was in the high 90s all the way. Highway cruising at 70 MPH and every time I stopped the idle was screaming at 1500 RPM. I had to stand on the brake just to hold the truck still!

Popped the hood to check throttle linkage; all good and tight to idle set screw, so definitely IAC/PCM kicking the idle.

No engine light unless I leave it idle high for several minutes, then I get a check engine light.

When I shut off the truck and restart, no high idle and no check engine light. Runs absolutely fine. Restart fixes the high idle without waiting for the truck to cool. High idle returns after every long highway drive in hot weather.

I have the stock dash temperature gauge; never gets above halfway whatever that means:unsure: Plenty of coolant, no indication engine is hot.

The fuel injection does have have a temperature sensor. Does the fuel injection think the engine is hot and kick the idle?

No AC; driving that heat was pretty miserable:(
Update: Forget all that nonsense about hot weather.

I checked codes and found 22: TPS Low Voltage. I cleared codes codes and drove on 2 local trips.

First trip was fine.

Second trip (I voted :) ) was a few miles each way. 70 degrees, short local drive, high idle issue returned with a check engine light. Code 22: Low TPS V. Intermittent fault that started when hot and led to wrong conclusion.

Do I now replace throttle position sensor?


i would look at the plug at the TPS and the wires going in and follow them up a little bit looking for anything torn or chafed before i replaced the TPS if all wires looked good, tight, connected, then replace TPS

that is just what i would do
Apologies for the junk post; my son's keyboard does funny things.....posted when hitting random keys on keyboard trying to find caps lock.

I had already checked wiring; replaced TPS sensor and all is good.

The TPS sensor that came with the FI had a part number, but I could not find any reference to that number. Used ACDelco sensor from 89 pick up and works fine.