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Fuel Injection Cranks But Won't Start


New member
I was hoping to get someone's take on things. Essentially, my '63 Scout, after running beautifully for two weeks with the fuel injection system I bought from Hamilton now will crank, but won't start.

The system previously made a 4 banger Scout extremely responsive and I picked up a considerable amount of power, compared to the Weber 32/36 I was running. The Fuel Injection kit is very well done and put together.

The problem started with a very noisy fuel pump and the scout acting like she was starving on long inclines--but only after she had been running for a while and the engine was at operating temperature. This problem was noted before and after unintentionally running the Scout low on fuel. --The fuel sending unit in the tank needs to be adjusted.

Then she started running great for about 5 to 10 minutes before stalling out and not wanting to fire back up.

I checked the fuel filter to find it was fairly dirty. So I changed that out. After changing the filter, however, there was no change to the stalling described above.

Next, thinking the MAP sensor was in the wrong location, I moved it to under the air cleaner--with just enough vacuum line from the throttle body to the port on the MAP. The Scout fired right up after I did this, ran great for 2 minutes, and then stalled. She has refused to fire up since.

I swapped out the fuel pump, thinking the noise from the pump, the previous low fuel level, and previous choked fuel filter had caused the other to burn up. But replacing the pump has made no difference. She still will not start.

Any ideas as to what to check next?

No fuses are blown.

Admittedly, I haven't gone though the entire trouble shooting guide yet from Hamilton. I will do that this weekend. I need another set of eyes to tell me if the injectors are firing as I crank the engine. I just wanted to get thoughts on possibilities on what was going on. She ran great and then just decided not to.



Its either fuel or fire. Might help to have a description of your ignition system. Have you checked for spark? Do you have a fuel pressure gauge?


New member
The ignition system is electrical--a holley electronic conversion that came with the Hamilton kit.

I have a fuel pressure gauge, but I didn't think it would get an accurate read with just priming the lines (turning the key on or cranking the engine.

Am I incorrect on the later?


New member
I have not checked the spark yet, but I wouldn't expect this as the electronic distributor conversion is brand new. And the truck ran great for two weeks before stalling out periodically and then refusing to start.


Diagnosing issues is all about eliminating variables and possible causes. If you have a means of cranking your starter remotely from under the hood, even temporarily, you can check for spark without a helper.