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FrankenScout won’t start


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73 scout deuce, coil front, D44s front n rear, ARBs, 4:56s, 85’Ford 302, SM465, NP205...here’s the problem. Coming back from local market with bags of ice it just died(like outta gas) the gas gauge doesn't work. Walked home brought 4 gallons of gas to put in it...cranked for a bit not start. Smelled gas knew it was getting fuel so got a buddy to drag the thing home. Next day tried to start and no go. Pulled the coil wire off the distributor and no spark. Went and put on new coil, still no spark. Went and got an ignition module plus cap n rotor (a little bit corroded) installed all this and still no start. It cranks fine, but I’m at a loss of where to go now. Located in South Auburn CA if you wanna help and have a beer.


First step is to check for switched voltage reaching your coil positive terminal when your ignition is switched ON. To do this, at minimum you will need an incandescent probe with gator ground clip. A handheld multi-meter set to measure Direct Current (DC) voltage on the lowest scale would tell you how much voltage, if any is coming through the feed wire. In the absence of those diagnostic tools, you can simply jump a 14 gauge wire directly from the battery positive to the coil positive. Just don't leave it connected for long with the engine stopped. This will bypass the ignition switch and all associated wiring between the switch and the coil, ensuring that you have juice reaching the coil. Now try your spark test with the high tension lead between coil and distributor disconnected at the distributor end and the exposed electrode placed roughly a quarter inch from chassis ground. If it makes a strong spark with the jumper, then you now know your issue is somewhere between the IGN SW and the coil. You can then rehook the coil wire and attempt to start the engine. The jumper wire will need to be unhooked to stop the engine. The firewall bulkhead connectors (BHC) can be a major source of electrical woes on these vehicles. That would be a good place to cast suspicion if the only way you can get power to the coil is to run the jumper wire.