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FAQ-Injector removal and Regulator adjustments

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Bill USN-1

F.I. Moderator
Lets start with the basic tb.
This style is found on v-6 and v-8 applications. All the information here also applies to some of the 4 cyl tb's that use the same style injector pod.

If you are looking to strip your tb down and do a little cleaning, the injector pod is really easy to remove.

First remove the fuel lines.

Then the fuel line fittings.

Then remove these 3 screws.

But what if we just want to remove the injectors or modify the fuel pressure regulator-fpr to make it adjustable?

Just grab your torx set and remove these screws.

Then gently tap the top with the handle of your driver and it should break loose from the pod.

The little gold can is the fpr!

Now to remove the injectors just place somthing across the pod to support your screwdriver and gently pry up on the center post.
Do not remove the injectors with out having a gasket kit avail to replace the o-rings. There is one at the top and one at the tip of the injector. You have about a 50/50 chance of getting the old o-rings to reseal!


Bill USN-1

F.I. Moderator
But now that the fpr is removed, it's a good time to make it adjustable.

Here is the fpr and the indicator tab on the side. You can see it is towards the bottom of the slot and there are spring coils showing above it.

Now here's the really tricky part.........

Just grab a pair of pliers and twist the round bottom part of the regulator cw and ccw about 1 turn each. It should now be free enough to turn without too much strain!!

So to increase pressure to your injectors just turn the adjuster ccw till the tab is near the top of the slot.

And to decrease pressure turn it cw and the tab will move to the bottom of the slot.

That's it!!!
Bolt the fpr back on the top of the pod.

Now if you have a thin pair of ignition pliers or needle nose, you can actually adjust it while it's running!

The pressure should only be adjusted after you have logged your blm's and determined you have a lean condition. Adjusting the pressure is simular to changing the jets in a carb!! Or changing the size of the injector.

This mod is good for about a 3-4 psi adjustment.
Max I have gotten is about 15psi with the tab to the top of the slot.

this caprice system came with these injectors!!! ;)

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